Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day on Lake Erie - Day 3

OK – we’re at day 3 - which was our last full day on the Lake Erie Islands. Can you say WHEW!? We were all pretty worn out by this day. That is EXCEPT for Dean. He was seriously the energizer bunny! His favorite saying is “IT’S ON!”. Well, it was “on” all weekend and even on Sunday too! LOL!

So on day three we packed up and left Kelley’s Island and headed over to Catawba Island where Dean’s parents live. Our first stop was for food.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch on the water in a town near Catawba called Port Clinton.

Kath and Dean's schnoodle Bailey even came along for the adventure. This was his first restaurant experience. They made us keep him outside the fence.
Kath was nervous but I told her I take Buddy to outside restaurants all the time.
Isn't his face cute?

Next stop - the "CIC" or The Catawba Island Club. Isn't this view lovely? This is where Dean and Kathleen got married last summer.
It's a country club on the water that the DePiero's are members of.

We rallied and enjoyed some cocktails by the water and pool and watched the kids play games. So fun, just like any country club - lots of family activities!

Then - back to the beach bar. We enjoyed a few frozen vodka lemonades here while visiting and relaxing.

Check this out! Priceless. Mama is getting her buzz on too!

Then after the day at the club - we showered and headed to the DePiero's house for a cookout. This is the back of their new house on Lake Erie.

And this... is their view! talk about G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

We enjoyed cocktails and appetizers by the water while taking in the view..

I had to get a shot of this for a laugh! Me drinking out of a Buckeye wine glass! You'll only see this once! GEAUX TIGERS!
BTW - Check out the kiddos in the back playing cornhole!

Then dinner! blurry but the only shot. They had grilled corn, brats, eggplant parmesan and more..

Then.. as we had not had enough -- we hit a local winery on the way home for tasting. Mon Ami! by that time I was thinking "Oh ME!" hahaha
Seriously, it was a good time and great way to end a FANTASTIC weekend with such great friends!
Hope we do it again soon!


starnes family said...

What a weekend. Such good friends and lots of fun! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Great travel report!

The Lenzers said...

Looks like a great weekend!! (sorry I am a little behind on all my readings). What a fab house and an anniversary gift?! WOW!! Glad you had a lovely time. Next weekend you better rest up.