Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lilly for Target

What a crazy Sunday here!
In case you haven't noticed, I'm a fan of Lilly Pulitzer so when I heard they were collaborating with Target I knew I had to get a few pieces.

Well, everyone else across the country had the same idea and the crowds were INSANE!!
My friend LuLu, got there around 5am and was number 4 in line. I got there at 645am or so and joined her.
The line grew the closer to 8am it got.
 Not going to lie, I was seriously anxious but it all ended well.
We teamed up with 2 other girls in line with us and we split up.
Two of us hit the kids section and the other 2 hit women's.
 People were STARING at us and all that we got.
Over time, we weeded through it all and bartered for things we didn't want and things we did want.
 When it was all said and done I spent WAY too much money but I got a TON for what I spent.
Not going to lie, I've been online tonight selling several of Shelby's dresses and stuff to help pay for it all!
 And get this!
Lu and I are going to be on the news tonight about the sale.
An anchor at my old station saw the pictures I posted on social media and asked if she could use!
A one time deal and I had a lot of fun shopping and am super pleased with what I got.
How many of you hit up Target today??

Monday, April 13, 2015

Jam Packed Fun Spring Weekend!

We had a really fun weekend right here in the Queen City.
It started out with a Friday fun food meal.

I try and do different, fun meals on Fridays for Shelby.
She wasn't as taken with this one, but she still ate most of it.
This is called, meatball sub on a stick. 
I made the meatballs and wrapped crescent rolls around them on skewers. 
Baked for 20-minutes, then sprinkled with cheese at the last minute.
Saturday morning Brad had an early tee time to play golf so it was just 'girl time' for me and Shelbs.
We walked up to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast then for a big power walk afterwards.

She enjoyed a sprinkle donut but I had an egg white flat bread.
 Something fun and different rather than just eating at home.
 The weather was pretty epic here this weekend.
Sunny and in the mid to high 70's.
We decided it was time to spruce up our deck with some Spring flowers so we made our way to Lowe's.
Shelby loved being able to help pick out the flowers and colors she wanted.
 After a nap and lunch Brad made his way home and we met up with some friends at local Birdsong Brewery.
They just moved to a new location so we wanted to check it out.
I would say that the new space is much bigger and nicer, but the parking lot is a disaster.
I'm going to be honest too.
I'm just not a huge fan of beer and especially not theirs.
It was fun to get out and see friends for a while though!
 Shelby really enjoyed seeing Mr. Josh and Ms. Katie and Baby Jack.
 Is he not the prettiest baby ever?
My word, his eyes are gorgeous.
Shelby is taken with him too!
 Birdsong isn't overly family friendly unlike Old Mecklenburg Brewery here in town, so we didn't hang out as long as we usually would have.

Instead, I talked Brad into hitting up the theme park by our house, Carowinds, for a few hours.
You might recall we bought season passes in the Fall for 2015, and the park just opened a few weeks ago for the Spring and Summer.

It was pretty crowded but we stayed for just over an hour and Shelby was able to ride 3 rides.
She loved it!
 Unlike back in October when we visited the park, she liked the coaster much more this time.
She was actually laughing.
I can't wait for more days at the park!
 Sunday we knew we had a jam packed afternoon, so we spent the morning doing errands such as grocery shopping.
 Then we met up with my BIL and SIL and the cousins for brunch.
Shelby loves her cousins!
Can't wait for them to do a sleepover at my MIL's this Summer.
 Sunday Brunch isn't complete without a few cocktails.
Check this whopper out!
 Giving that the weather as as perfect as it was on Saturday we hit the lake with friends LuLu and Keith and Bryan and Shannan.
Keith and Lu are so awesome to invite us out all the time with Shelby.
 It was a great day and Shelby made a new friend, Braxton.
 His parents are neighbors to Keith and Lu and bought a new boat that is pretty darn nice!
 Mr. Brad thinks so too! 
 Good times with old and new friends.
 Shelby finally, even warmed up to Mr. Bryan!
This HAD to be captured on camera for sure!
 The day ended with Captain Shelby helping drive us home.
 Then, while everyone went home to enjoy dinner, Lu and I decided to sneak over to Carowinds right before closing time to ride the park's newest roller coaster, The Fury.

This new addition is touted the highest and fastest coaster on the East Coast.
I believe it!!!!
It was pretty darn cool!!
 We only waited in line for 35 minutes or so which allowed us time to get in one more ride while out there.
Such an AWESOME way to end the weekend!!
Yes, I guess I'm a kid at heart too!!
Do you blame me???

I ate and drank way too much in the last week or so, and now it's time to get serious and get back into my Summer shorts.
No carbs, no wine(at least not until the weekend), and lots of water and apple cider vinegar are in my future.

How as your weekend??

Friday, April 10, 2015

Shelby's First Pedicure

Shelby was home sick yesterday after she woke up in the middle of the night throwing up.
She was feeling 'so-so', but I really needed to get out of the house giving that it was 85 and sunny outside.
The entire weekend is going to be Summer-like, so I decided Shelbs and I needed a pedicure.
I wasn't sure how Shelby would do, but decided to go for it, and it was a success!

Excuse my no-makeup look.
I had showered and washed my hair but didn't feel like getting dressed for no reason today.
She took to the idea of the whole thing pretty quick and was excited.
She even let the technician file her toenails!
Then paint them.
She was so still and good, I think everyone was amazed!
Then she sat through me getting my pedicure done!
Afterwards a lunch at McAlister's.
Fun girl day indeed, even if it started out as a sick day.
And, we have matching piggies now too!
One of the many things I have looked forward to, with having a daughter.
Here's to more pedicures and lunches in our future!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

First Long Biz Trip and Bush Library

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I traveled to Dallas last week for work.
It's by far, the longest trip for work that I've taken since having Shelby.

I wasn't nervous at all about leaving her, because Brad is great with her. and she loves her Daddy.
I did want to make it easy on him though.
Giving it was Easter week, and different scheduled events at her school, I made sure to lay out all her outfits for each day, complete with a label which shoes, which day, etc.
 I also cooked one meal in advance and had one in the crockpot the day I left.
I think that was appreciated.
This was me the morning I left.
As you can tell, Shelby doesn't seem bothered at all.
One thing we did do, was have my in-laws take Buddy for the week.
Just one less task for Brad.

Overall, he did AMAZING!
 The first few days in Dallas were more set up for the meeting we were there to tape so we were able to get out a little bit.
One of my oldest friends lives in Dallas and she just recently announced she was pregnant, so I set up something to see her.
She and her boyfriend own a bar in Uptown Dallas so me and my co-worker met them there and boy did they really treat us like royalty!
 The place is called Parliment and they are known for their mixed cocktails.
So great to see Kara.
She's expecting a little boy in September.
One of the other main things I wanted to do while in Dallas was see the Bush Library.
So awesome and didn't disappoint.
It's located on the campus of SMU.
Takes you through George W's life.
Love how he and Laura are so open about their struggle to have children.
Those twins were truly wanted.
 One of the first exhibits is about the Recount of 2000.
If you don't remember that, you might have been living under a rock.
 They also had the only remaining 'hanging chad' in existence, and all sorts of stuff from the Florida recount.
 The museum was well done and they thought of everything.
 And, of course, there was a huge exhibit on 9/11 and even a piece of the World Trade Center.
 It was fascinating to look back but also very emotional.
What a challenging time in our country.
 There was a replica of the Oval Office where visitors could actually have their picture taken.
 One of the highlights was an interactive exhibit that lets visitors be the decision maker on big events that took place during his presidency.
You then compare your decision next to the one George W. made.
 From there the fun really stopped and it was all about work.
But I actually love my work, so it wasn't so bad.
 We were there to basically tape 2 days of meetings.
Good stuff!
As you know, after that, I came home and the whirlwind that was Easter started!