Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vineyard Vines Charlotte Grand Opening

Charlotte now has a Vineyard Vines store!
The Junior League of Charlotte members were invited to the Grand Opening and it was defintely crowded!
 I didn't take a ton of pictures because it was so crowded but they had a bar, food, live music, even someone dressed as a whale that you could get your picture taken with.

Aside from Junior Leaguers there were also some of my fellow Charlotte bloggers there like A Liz!
 I met my friend Amanda there straight from work.  It was a lot of fun and they gave out great schwag!
I even got something fun to wear on the Fourth of July.
 The best part was meeting the creators, brothers Shep and Ian Murray! We couldn't resist getting a picture!
 And.. they were giving away these foam hats that I was on a mission to get for niece and nephew!
All in all -- great addition to South Park Mall here in Charlotte. 
I'm trying to finish work out for the week and then party down for the Fourth!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July 4th Food and Traditions

If you're new here you don't know it but the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday.
I'm not sure what it is but I love it.
Click here for some of favorite July 4th's and here for the July 4th weekend Brad and I got engaged.

As I posted last week -- this year we'll be at the lake with my parents and Brad's parents.  It should be fun and I'm already planning what foods to bring.

Here's one that is for sure on our menu.
Mary from Home is Where the Boat Is did this AWESOME post on Memorial Day.
Watermelon, Feta and Blueberries.
Umm.. Yes, PLEASE!
My boss - who also loves festive food for each holiday suggested these too - found here at SnackPicks.  I'm not sure I'll get around to making them or not.  With the kids not around I'm not sure the adults will appreciate them as much.
Not so much festive for the 4th, but always a big hit - I will be making muffaletta on a stick - found here at Miss Janice's blog. I made these last year and Brad requested again this year.  Maybe I'll make them a Fourth of July tradition?
I also, have a fun watermelon cocktail and some other apps I'll be bringing and next week I'll be doing a giveaway of some of items I'll be using.  Stay tuned for that!

As far as main entrees - my in-laws are smoking ribs one night and Brad and I are trying to figure out what we'll do the other.
He suggested jambalaya and I said gourmet burgers.
What are your 'go-to' Fourth of July food traditions? We need ideas so throw them out there!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hiking Chimney Rock State Park

It's been a GREAT weekend!
Brad and I were very productive on Saturday and ended our day with dinner and drinks with new friends.
Then today I got an early start and hiked Chimney Rock State Park with a co-worker.
I had been here once before but during the winter.
It's much different in the summer.
More trails are open and there are a TON more people in the park.

A view of the top of Chimney.  Gorgeous or what? That's Lake Lure down there -- one of the areas the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed.
When we arrived we saw people rappelling on the rocks.  Something I have no desire to do.
At the entrance there was this guy playing music.  I later read in the brochure that he's the official park musician.  He's there every day playing.  Interesting, huh? State Parks have musicians?
The park is made up of lots and lots of stairs in order to get to the top.  They have an elevator too but they're making some improvements so it's shut down until this next Spring.
We ducked into this cave on our way up.
I'll never forget when Brad and I visited the park.  He freaked out inside of the cave. He's claustraphobic.
There's not much down there to see but it was cool which was nice since it was a bit hot today.
This picture is a little overexposed but you can see how gorgeous the views are on the way to the top. we are at the top of the Chimney.
But.. our hike wasn't over.  See those stairs in the distance. We ventured up those and onto the Skyline Trail portion of the park which takes you to the highest point in the park.  Yes, we got a workout when it was all said and done!
When we arrived there was a park ranger up there guiding people around a big copperhead snake.  YIKES!
Gorgeous views!
We hiked all the way back down and decided to hike out to Hickory Nut Falls. 
When Brad and I were here in the winter the falls were frozen.  Much different this time.
Very pretty!
Afterwards we headed out of the park and into the town of Lake Lure where we enjoyed some lunch, shopped and then headed back to Charlotte.
I suggest Chimney Rock State Park to anyone looking for a fun day trip from Charlotte.  It's only a 2-hour drive and a lovely way to get out of the city and into the mountain air.
Sunday Funday!
How was your weekend?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday

Time for Thoughts on Thursday!

* Remember this post I did about the millionaire heiress recluse? Well, there's an update to her story and where all her millions will go.  $34million to her private nurse alone.  Click here to read.

*We're staying in town this weekend.  Well, sorta. We're hanging with friends on Saturday night but on Sunday a co-worker and I are heading up to Chimney Rock State Park to hike around.
Brad and I went up there when we first started dating and he FREAKED out because of the height.
Here I am at the top. 
I'm excited because I've never hiked the back end which is where they filmed the movie The Last of the Mohicans. Should be a good time.  Debating on whether to bring Buddy or not?
* Our 4th of July plans are set. My parents are coming up to the lake with us! So, it will be Brad's rents, my rents and us.  Robyn, Jeff and the kids will be in VA this year.  It will sure be different without the kiddos around to shoot fireworks with!
* The weekend after the 4th of July we're going camping!! Real camping I might say! Tent and all! We'll be at a campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Click here to see. I'm super excited! We're going with our friends Katie and Josh.
* I'm not going to reach my goal weight after all by the 4th.  I've had a few slip-ups including eating a bag of peanut M&M's yesterday while I was listening to geeks talk about HTML Code. It's the only way I could deal. Seriously!
* I'm still following the Casey Anthony trial but I think the defense's case has sucked! BORING and ridiculous! I did see this morning that her parents have finally admitted that they think she's guilty but don't want her to get the death penalty. Brad thinks Casey is going to walk.  I can't imagine! The jury might need to go into hiding if that happens.
Also, do you think Casey will take the stand?
* Brad and I have been cooking machines! Next week I plan on taking pictures of every dinner we cook and then posting about it later in the week.  Some of you might get some new 'healthy' dinner ideas!

That's all I have for today. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Socially Awkward

For the past two days I have been subjected to full days of Geeks and talk about HTML Code. No Joke -- probably the most boring event I have covered in all my days of TV.
Presentation after presentation - mostly by adult men who look like deers caught in headlights. I find it interesting adults that aren't comfortable presenting to live audiences. It's weird.  Maybe I'm just being mean?

Anyway, the whole goal of this post is to tell you about a conversation with one of these 'Geeks' today.

Geek: Do you have kids?
Dee: No, not yet.
Geek: Really???
Dee: Well, I have only been married less than a year and half.
Geek: WOW! You got a late start!!!
Dee: Yeh, well.. I focused on my career for a long time and had met the right person.
(What I really wanted to say is --you're an a--hole and at least I'm not socially awkward!)

Really kids.  Can you believe that? So rude if you ask me.  And.. NO, I'm not being sensitive.  It's just rude and ridiculous. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend In Pictures

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend!? We sure did and I'll recap with a boatload of pictures.
Our weekend consisted of:
* Time on High Rock Lake with friends and family*
*Tubing behind the ski boat.  I did it last year and again this year.  I'm sure it won't be my last time this summer. I'm hoping to ski too but that has yet to happen*
*Our friends Katie and Josh joined us at the lake and he too, decided to tube*
*Our weekend also consisted of homemade deer sausage straight from Arkansas.*
*Yummy stuff! Buddy was going crazy wanting a bite!*
*Floating in the lake with noodles.*
*With a beer in hand.*
*Yummy dinner that consisted of salad, grilled veggies and a stuffed chicken.*
*Actually, it's Chicken Rollantini with Spinach alla Parmigiana -- found here at Gina's Skinny Taste. I will be doing this one again.*
*Sunset cruises on the pontoon boat.  Buddy in tow.*
*Roasting marshmallows.*
*Father's Day boat ride for Brad and the Budster. He's such a good Daddy to the pooch.*
*Symphony in the Park once back into Charlotte.*
*Complete with a picnic basket filled with cheese, crackers, fruit and wine.  Yes, I splurged last night.*
*And, last but not least.  Our weekend would not have been complete without having this couple sit right in front of us at Pops in the Park. Too much PDA.  They could not keep their hands off of each other.  Their snacks consisted of Big Macs and french fries.  Nice! LOL!*
What did your weekend consist of? Hope it was good!

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Dad

Happy Father's Day weekend to all the Dads, soon to be or want to be Dads out there!
My blogging bestie I Do Declare emailed me to see if Buddy would be getting Brad anything for Father's Day.
Hmm..I responded.
I didn't get anything for Mother's Day! So probably not! HA!
I take that back - he might get a card.
As with Mother's Day, I was going to write something about my Dad but realized I did it last year.
Click here to read.
Of course, I couldn't resist showing another wedding picture of us two either.
It's only been a year and half! I love excuses to bring out the wedding photos again.
We are hanging with our friends Katie and Josh this weekend and I hope to go to Symphony in the Park on Sunday.
We hope to get a little sun.
More on that next week.
Until then - Happy Father's Day to my Dad! You're the best!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Funny Foto Friday(a day early)

I'm doing Funny Foto Friday a day early this week. 
This one I've been wanting to post for a while because it takes me back to the 80's.
1989 to be exact.
Sexy or what?
I was a pageant girl - starting at the age of 13 and this is a picture from one of the pageants I was in.
I let my Mom get rid of all my old pageant clothing when they moved from Arkansas to Georgia, some 9-years ago.  I sort of regret it because I think it would be fun for our potential/future daughter to play around in. Especially, all the dance costumes.  Yes, I was a tap dancer for my talent. If only I could post some of the videos.  You would crack up!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's the 'Little Things'

I remember back to my single days and when I would get depressed. I would call my Mom and she would tell me to go and buy a plant because it would make me feel better.
I thought it sounded goofy but soon learned that plants do give off good vibes.  Just as fresh flowers do.

When walking past the Farmer's Market here in Uptown Charlotte yesterday I saw these and they called my name.
I just love sunflowers! How gorgeous are these?
It's little things like this that make me happy.

 I arranged them in a vase on our kitchen table and Brad and I proceeded to cook our Tuesday night dinner. A little music, a little wine, candles lit and the grill in full force.

 Dinner consisted of fresh grilled corn, portabello mushroom caps and pork tenderloin. We've been going crazy at the Farmer's Market so this is what a lot of our meals look like this summer.  Our healthy eating has been going great and I hope to be at my goal weight by July 4th!
 Buddy's on a mission to lose a few pounds too. The doctor said he could lose three.  It doesn't sound like much but for a little guy like him it's harder than you think.  I've been taking him on my big power walks in the afternoon so he can burns some calories.  LOL!
That's all I have for today.  Still keeping up with the Casey Anthony Trial.  I just noticed that the State of Florida has rested their case and tomorrow the Defense will start theirs.  Should be interesting to say the least!
Happy Humpday!