Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day on Lake Erie - Day 2

Okay - now for day 2 of our Lake Erie adventure.

After a little breakfast action at the house - we hopped on our bikes and headed to East Quarry trails there on Kelley's island.

This was a recent discovery for Dean and Kathleen and knowing that I just LOVE hikes Kathleen was excited about showing me the area.

As you can see it was beautiful! There were several people fly-fishing.

We got off our bikes and hiked for a distance. Even see some skulls! I didn't have my camera for that though. The guys went back and I sent it with them.

Then we came home and showered and headed to watch a little college football at the island bar called Buckeye Bar. Go figure - we're in Buckeye territory.

As I promised too - I wore my LSU shirt and Kathleen wore her WVU pride.

And.. Brad.. well, of course.. he had on his VT gear!

Then after some football watching we headed out on the boat to the North Beach of Kelley's Island.
Here Dean is taking his daily nap on the boat.

And..the rest of us - just chillaxin..

Then after a dinner party at the house we headed back out to the Buckeye Bar..
Here's Brad watching his Hokies.. funny.. watching Hokies at the Buckeye..

A Group shot. That's Smokin' Joe in the middle. This is Dean's b/f/f and he was part of our weekend crew.

Another fabulous day -- more tomorrow! CIAO!


starnes family said...

Your shirt is so precious!!!!! I want one just like that. Where did you get it?

SASS said...

Love morning hikes/walks/bike rides. Cute pics lady!