Friday, July 29, 2011

Ever-Changing Looks of Dee

I saw a post that Christin from A Classy Southern Wife did a few weeks back and have been wanting to do my own for some time.
She mentioned that her look hasn't really changed over the last 5 to 10-years.
It had me thinking about my look and hair and how much it has changed.
I wanted to go back to 2000 but couldn't figure out what year what pictures were so I gave up and went back 8 years instead.

Starting in 2001 I started 'funking' my hair up.
This is the year that my hairdresser talked me into red and blonde highlights.
My Mom thought it was over the top.
I thought it was fun.
Sorry for the crappy picture.
This is the year I turned 30 and I was all about the blonde highlights!
So fun at the time!
Then, right before breaking up with my long-term boyfriend I decided I needed a big change.
That's when I felt it was more 'Dee' to be brunette again.
Since I had my hair short for so many years and I was back in the dating scene I thought it was time to finally grow my hair out.
This was so very different for me.
I wasn't that fond of it but my Mom and everyone else loved it!
I kept with the long trend but trimmed it a bit adding more layers.
This picture was taken just one week after I met Brad
 Three whole years of long hair!
Amazing for me kiddos!
Some of you may remember that just about a month after getting married I chopped my hair off to the length I have been most comfortable with.
Brad likes it better this length versus long.
Sometimes, I'm not so sure.
My current state.
I've got more bangs going on these days but I'm not totally comfortable with styling them either.
Which style do you like best?
Have you switched it up in years past?

I'll be offline for a few days as I travel to Dallas to work with my Mom.

I'm excited though because while I'm in town I'm meeting up with Kara(who was just here a few weeks ago), and then Sunday brunch with my blog buds Allison and Sara!
I can't believe I FINALLY get to meet them!
Can't wait!!!!
Back with more next week!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorority Rush

It’s getting to be that time of year.
(insert Better Than Ezra’s song – Time of Year)
It’s not only time for college football to return but also time for recent high school graduates to enter college sorority rush.

It’s days like today that remind me of what all rush involves.

Every few years(and this is one of those years),someone reaches out asking me to write a ‘rec’ – otherwise known as sponsoring someone.
Today was one of those days. 
I got an email from a good friend with a resume and a picture of a super, cute and overachieving girl looking to join a sorority.

FRIEND: ‘Can you write O a rec?’
Delta Gamma is awesome at the school she’s going to this Fall!

ME: Sure! Love to!

It’s then that I have to remember just how to do it. I log on to Delta Gamma’s site and refresh my memory. What I didn’t remember are all the questions they ask about family and colleges and sorority or fraternity affiliations!

How am I suppose to know? I’ve never even met this girl!
Anyway – I just thought I would share because it brought back a lot of memories.
Were you in a sorority?
Do you participate in sponsoring girls?
Oh – in case you’re interested – you can check out some awesome pictures of me when I was a young Dee Gee by clicking here and here and here.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nephew Preston's Visit and The Biltmore

What a great weekend with family.
As I mentioned last week, my parents brought my nephew and his girlfriend over to Charlotte for the weekend.
Preston and Anna are visiting from Louisiana and it's always good to see P, since he doesn't get to North Carolina that often.

On Friday we enjoyed dinner at our house.
I made lasagna, salad and bread.
Here's one view of our dinner table.
This is the first time I have met Preston's girlfriend Anna and she was just as nice and personable as I had been told.
You know they're a keeper when they jump in and help clean up dinner!
 After dinner we ventured out to a restaurant/bar on the water right down from our house.
I'm totally bummed about the pictures we took.
I was trying to use the night-time vision on my camera and most of them came out blurry.
 Saturday morning we got up and headed out for Asheville, NC to visit The Biltmore estate.
If you aren't familiar with the Biltmore -- it's the Vanderbilt's home.
As I mentioned last week, this was probably my 9th visit to the estate.
The ticket prices are higher than years past but I have to say they have amped things up and you do get your moneys worth.
It's really turned into more of 2-day visit though. 
I think this is a super cute picture of these two.
Facebook profile picture material.
 Only my Mom and I went with P and Anna.
Brad and my Dad played golf instead.
Brad has never been to the house before and  I think he would have enjoyed it.
He would NOT have enjoyed all the walking getting to the house and then inside, and the fact that The Biltmore has no A/C.
It was sweltering!
 You can tell how hot it was given the fact that Preston took his Polo off and pushed his sleeves up.
BTW - we counted and this is the 4th trip to the estate with my Mom.
 After the tour of the house we headed to Antler Village on the property.
This is totally new since my last visit 3-years ago.
It has shops, restaurants, and live music.
It's located next to the winery.
 Since I'm a hat ho - I had to buy one in the Orvis shop.
That big building back on the hill is the onsite hotel - Biltmore Inn.
 We enjoyed lunch at The Bistro restaurant connected to the winery.
Good food.
I've dined here numerous times.
 Afterwards we headed into the winery gift shop where I found these cute grape flip-flops!
 So clever!
Brad saw this picture and asked, 'Tell me you didn't buy those?!'. 
No, I didn't, but thought about it.
 Then onto our wine tour.
This is also a new part of the experience at the estate.
Never before has their been a formal tour.
Always self-guided.
Now, they're more focused on the wine.
 In the tasting room.
You might notice Anna is pretending she has a glass.
She's not quite the legal drinking age so she was our DD!
 After 5+ hours at The Biltmore we headed back to the hotel and got cleaned up and ventured into Downtown Asheville.
Wish we would have eaten here.
Tupelo Honey.
I've heard great things but the wait is forever.
Instead we went to another establishment that had great live music but sucky food and service.
Since everyone was tired -- we walked around for a little bit -- then headed back to the hotel and went to bed. 
Now, we are back home and into the ridiculous heat wave we're experiencing here on the East Coast.
Believe it or not -- this was our 4th weekend in a row being out of town.
Brad is over it.
I'm tired too but I can't slow down yet because this next weekend I'm headed to Dallas for 4-days, sans Brad!

How was your weekend!?

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Remember this post I did a few months back about our nephew Preston?
If you not, you should go and read it.
Today I'm stoked because he's coming to visit us from Louisiana this weekend!

Can I get a 'WooHoo?!'
This picture is from our wedding reception.
They had just played the LSU Fight Song.
So, what's on the agenda for the weekend?
Well, Preston just turned 21 so we're taking a sort of 'birthday celebration' trip to Asheville, NC.
Me, Brad, my Mom & Dad and Preston's girlfriend
Preston, his girlfriend nor Brad have ever been up there.

Everyone, except for Brad and my Dad are going to The Biltmore.
This will be my, umm.., 8th time or 9th time up there in 9-years?
I used to get a season pass because there really is a lot to do.
It's been about 3-years since my last visit though and I am ASTONISHED at how much the ticket prices have gone up.
From $45 for the day to $70!
Granted, you get to see the house, visit their winery and lunch in one of their restaurants but I still find that a big increase.
You can't even get on the property without buying a ticket.
Even so, we're going.
Brad and my Dad plan on playing golf instead.

The best part of the weekend, aside from spending time with Preston, will be the cooler weather in the mountains.
Not as cool as our camping trip, but still cooler than down here.

What are your weekend plans?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gone with the Wind and The Jefferson Hotel

I would have to say that my favorite movie of all time is Gone with the Wind. So Southern of me..right?

I’ll never forget the first time I saw it. I actually, didn’t want to be bothered with sitting for that long but my Mom made me(or we). My best friend Rebekah and I were in the 8th grade and she rented it and made us watch it. I’ll never forget, we were in love.

It was from that day that my love grew for the 1939 classic. I collected my share of Scarlett dolls, plates and have even visited the author Margaret Mitchell’s house in Atlanta and her hometown of Jonesboro, GA.

So, it was a given this weekend that after my MIL told me the staircase used in the movie was in The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond that I would be visiting it as well.

It was only one block from our hotel so Robyn and I strolled down there.
One word for the 100-year old hotel.
Once inside we were pointed to the staircase.
My first reaction – was that the staircase had to have been renovated if these were the original ones.
Then, I stopped a hotel employee and asked if they were really the stairs used to film the movie??
That’s when he said ‘no’ but that they were a replica.
I thought – ‘what a letdown’.

Then, I googled and found out that they are believed to have been the inspiration for the stairs in the movie. BUT.. one site also claims that Cretien Point Plantation in South Louisiana was the inspiration.
Who knows!?
I do believe that the stairs in the movie were built and filmed on a soundstage in Hollywood like a majority of the film.
Despite the fact that they aren't the original stairs, I did find The Jefferson Hotel breathtaking and would suggest on your next visit to Richmond you either stay there or at least visit.
What’s your favorite movie of all time? Have you seen Gone with the Wind?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wade and Sarah's Richmond Wedding

We're back from Richmond, Virginia where we traveled to celebrate Brad's cousin Wade, and his new wife Sarah's wedding!
What fun and what great weather it turned out to be.
The high was in the mid-80's versus the oppressive heat the East Coast has been having the past few weeks.

We got in on Friday and were lucky enough to be invited to the rehearsal dinner.
Here we are beforehand at our hotel, the historic boutique hotel, Linden Row Inn.
 The dinner was at the Capital Ale House.  Very cool place.
 The groom's parents were super generous and invited over 75-people to the dinner!
 The happy couple, Wade and Sarah.
Can't you tell Brad and Wade are related?
I think they could pass as brothers.
 The bride's extended family is from both Germany and England so there were a TON..TON of people who traveled long distances.
Here's just one table of them.
 Brad and his Aunt Becky and Aunt Barbara.  Sisters of my FIL.
 One of my favorite parts of the dinner was a traditional German song that Sarah's aunts sang to her.
 I'm not sure what it said but they all circled her and sang.
Pretty neat.
Come to find out, Sarah's Mom is a blogger too!
She's the one you see right behind her in this photo.
Check out her blog here.
She does a great job.
 The next day, we ventured out to do some shopping and a little bit of sightseeing in Richmond before the wedding. 
More on that tomorrow.
Here Robyn and I are at the church before the ceremony.
 Very cool church with great history. Including this story that includes a black visitor to the church right after the Civil War and Robert E. Lee.
 No pictures during the ceremony, giving that it was in a church.
Here's one afterwards by the trolley the wedding party took to the Capitol to take pictures.
Funny story, once it got to the Capitol, it broke down.  They had to send a bus to get everyone to the reception.
 The reception site.
Right next to our hotel.
 Another one of my favorite parts about the wedding.
Wade and Sarah enjoy cooking together so they put together a book of their favorite recipes as their party favors.
 Yummy Southern food everywhere!
 Mashed potato bar!
To die for! I had a second helping!
 Photo Booth!
 First Dance!
 Gorgeous cake!
Love the topper and the lace!
 The bride.
Loved her hair and dress!
 Wade is all about Converse and both he, and Sarah changed into a pair for the reception.
His black, hers purple.
 I adore this picture of Robyn and Jeff(BIL/SIL).
 Wade's Dad and sister.
 And.. the farewell.
My camera wasn't fast enough to get them coming through the banner.
 A few friends of the bride and groom.
It's one of my favorites from the weekend.
Love the guy blowing bubbles!
Congrats Wade and Sarah!
Thanks for making us part of your special day!