Saturday, March 14, 2009

Favorite Thing

Okay kids, this is hands down the best candle ever! My friend Dana gave me one about 4 years ago for my birthday and told me the same thing and I didn't believe her until I burned it.

I now give them to people for holidays, birthdays, etc. Most of them probably think -- 'oh thanks- what a cheapo gift' - that is -- until they burn it!

They're made in Tyler Texas and you can't buy them online so search on google to see where you can buy them in your area. BTW - my favorite scent is French Market but they are all good!


starnes family said...

I'm going to have to try these again. I'm faithful to Circle E's, which I think are the best ever. Have you tried them?

I'm going to buy a Tyler soon to compare!

What does your favorite smell like?

Dee Stephens said...

Like a gardenia! yes, you have to try them! they're the best..get a small one first and see what you think!
I haven't tried Circle E..where do you get them?

starnes family said...

My favorite is Gourmet Sugar Cookie, but I love sweet smells the best. If you like fresh, clean smells like gardenia, try Birds of Paradise. It's one of their top sellers and it's lovely. Their Christmas scents are wonderful.....haven't yet tried one that I didn't love.....I bet I've had a dozen different let me know if you have a question about one.

I'll try a Tyler and you try a Circle E and we'll compare!