Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playing Matchmaker - Adria 35-years old

Today is a little bit different here at Dee's Adventures.

After much encouragement from my favorite cousin I'm playing along with Kelly's Korner's, Show Us Your Singles.

I hear that 2 couples who met through Kelly's last blog post like this are now getting married. So... Who Knows??!

If you are new here than you may not know that I got married just one year ago at the age of 34. I concentrated on my career and social life for many years and never met the right guy.

It, like many other women, wasn't for the lack of trying though. I did, got setup with friends, co-workers, you name it.

If you need a refresher check out this post, and this post.

Therefore, I am playing along and featuring a very dear friend of my cousin Alayna.


I met Adria when I crashed their trip to St. Simon's Island this past Labor Day and I am here to say that she is SUPER COOL!

So, here it goes.

Adria is 35-years old and lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. (She's the one of the left in this picture)

She's a residency doctor looking for a normal, nice guy.

A Nevada native transplated to Arkansas, her friends are training her to be Southern.
She has a crazy work schedule for another two years, and is looking for someone who understands that arrangement.

She still has plenty of time for friends, family and a significant other, she just does not have a 9-5 job at this time.

She loves to travel, read, spoil her pooches, and visit weird Arkansas festivals. She's a UNLV graduate, but is learning to appreciate the HOGS.
Do you ladies know any great guys around the 30-40 year age range in Central Arkansas? Coffee dates the first time would be a great idea!

If so, please email me at

Can't wait

*This post is a part of the "Show Us Your Life - Show Us Your Singles!" feature on Kelly's Korner blog. To see more singles, visit Kelly's blog by clicking here*


donatelli98 said...

I don't know anyone - but awesome post - can't wait to hear if anything comes of it!

Coco said...

I wish. But she is GORGEOUS!!!!

SASS said...

I don't know anyone in AK! But if she needed a friend I'd be down- she's cute and sounds super fun!
P.s. The running thing- I only get "addicted" for periods at a time. Right now is not one of those times.....proud of you!!

starnes family said...

This is so cute! Don't know of anyone.......wish I did!

Morgan said...

I love this idea! You're such a good friend! :)
And you're coming to Charleston?! Sweet! A)Definitely go to Huck's. B)Let me know when you're here!!!

kay said...

Saw this link threw a friends blog, of course I am thinking of my brother, a great guy who is hard working ( owns his own company) yet loves to have fun. Your cousin is adorable!
that is my blog! I did write a post on him at one time so you can see him!!