Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Holidays are Here!! Our Christmas Decor 2014

The weekend after Thanksgiving is always my time to deck our halls.
I can't imagine waiting much longer because it's just too much work to enjoy for a couple of weeks.
We put so much stuff up that we've even started keeping it up through New Year's Eve.

This year, we put a tree in Shelby's room.
It was gifted to her last year, but we put it in our dining room in anticipation of her first birthday that was a 'Winter Onederland'.
This year it takes center stage in her room and I think it's the perfect addition.
She helped decorate it and this was truly her first year to be able to help.
 We decorated her room tree with ornaments that we used to display her month to month for her first birthday.
She loves looking at every day and night when we read our books.
Granted, she's still in a crib, not sure I would feel comfortable having it in there with her in a toddler bed.
Next year will be interesting.
For the second year in a row, we've put up a pink and green tree on our first floor.
This is the tree that people see when they walk through our front door and it's adorned with all ornaments that Shelby's grandmothers have gifted her.
I just love it and this is where we opened all of our Christmas gifts the morning of...

New to our decor this year are wreaths for all our windows on the front of our townhome.
My parents gifted them to us and I think they add so much!!
I put up our main tree in the living room without the assistance of Shelby.
There is just way too much going on with the dozens of ornaments and other stuff we have to put on it.
It's a slimmer tree and as I just mentioned, we aren't even putting gifts under this one anymore because there just isn't room in that space.
 Our dining room is less than I normally do, but I have to transition this area into birthday land for her next weekend.
But, until then, this is what can be seen.
I'm having a few girlfriends over on Friday night for a blind wine tasting so I needed something.
Thank goodness my parents stuck around and helped us.
We were literally working from 8:30am to 5:30pm putting up Christmas.
Shelby hung out in her pj's all day long..
On that Saturday, the weather was beautiful and we decided to head up to my in-laws lake house and let them spend some quality time with Shelby and give us a break.
She was smitten with Grammy's tree too.
She's figuring this Christmas thing out!
While Shelby hung with the grands, we headed off to Childress Winery for a late lunch and wine.
Meanwhile, Shelby was riding a mechanical horse and wasn't so sure!
Being with family was a great way to start the holiday season.
And, to top December 1st off, Shelby ate her first piece of chocolate out of her advent calendar.
This is her first year to participate and she's loving it!!
Hope your holidays are off to a great start!!


Alayna said...

Love the wreaths!

Allena said...

The wreaths are GORGEOUS! I love all your decorations. I need to do a post on our decorations...oh wait, it'd be 1 picture of a 3-foot tall tree. Womp, womp. Trent wants this tree in his room next year though which I think will be so cute! What did y'all decide to do to keep Shelby in her crib? Hope it's working!

donna said...

I love your decor. I can never figure out how to make such lovely bows!

Mindy said...

Your Christmas trees are GORGEOUS!!! Come decorate mine! :) Can't wait to see what you're doing for Shelby's birthday!!

starnes family said...

I love all your decor, but definitely agree that the wreaths make such an awesome impact. Darling!