Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shelby's 2-Year Checkup

So crazy to have a December baby and to try and separate the holiday from her birthday but I'm trying.
Yesterday, we had Shelby's 2-year checkup.
It went fabulous!
She was excited about the doctor after watching several episodes of Daniel Tiger going to get a checkup.
The pediatrician's office is always littered with toys which sometimes makes it hard to get her into the actual room at the office.
It went well though.
No shots, and she was down with weighing, measuring, everything.
She's gained 2lbs and 2inches in 6-months!
She's talking more everyday and saying NO MOMMY!
She's all into Buddy and loves to run, laugh and be the center of attention.
As far as food?
She's starting to be apprehensive to veggies, but she hasn't boycotted.
We give them to her every meal, no matter what.
She's the apple of our eye!


Alayna said...

Getting so tall!

Allena said...

What were her stats?? I'll want to compare when Drew goes in a few weeks, ha! I love numbers - maybe that's why I'm a CPA? Her outfit was PRECIOUS!

starnes family said...

You stop it right now. Does Shelby have Hunter boots? I'm dying for a pair! LC has the booties.