Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Card Pictures

I love pictures.
Not only taking them, but having them taken.
It is my JAM!
But, we have yet to do 'professional' family pictures because my husband isn't big on wanting to spend the money.
Honestly, I wanted to wait until Shelby was a little bit older, able to walk and had more hair to do them anyway.
So, this Christmas we did a mini session with a new neighbor who also happens to be a family photographer here in town.
I planned our outfits out with having Shelby do a wardrobe change specifically for a Christmas card.

Now that our cards have been delivered I am going to share here.
This is my favorite..
 And, this was our Christmas card picture this year.
We took the pictures in a peach orchard in Ft. Mill, South Carolina.
We could not have asked for better weather.
65 and sunny!
 Taking pictures with a toddler and dog isn't for the faint at heart.
 Shelby refused to keep the bow in her half the time.
Stresses me out for some stupid reason!
 This one would have been great for our card, but I couldn't get over Buddy not looking.
A lot of you are probably asking - why even bother including him?
Well, friends....
Mr. Buddy was the center of my cards for years when I was single.
I would feel terrible leaving him out, he's part of our family!!
 I love this picture of Mr. Buddy.
I need to get it framed.
There you have it!
We had a JAM PACKED WEEKEND with 3 different holiday parties including one I hosted.
More of the deets on that in the next few days!


Rachel said...

Beautiful pics!

Alayna said...

She did a great job! Wonderful pics. So cute to include budster.

donna said...

Beautiful family! Love the pictures.

Allena said...

Those are great! You look beautiful - those jewel tones look amazing on you. The bow issue I get because their hair at this age is such a disaster. Drew has a horrid mullet w/ a rat tail but if I cut it, then she has no hair. I talked to a friend who is a beautician and she said you just kind of have to deal with it at this age, which makes pictures a big stressor!

starnes family said...

I love your red and blue! Such a good look for you. And, Shelby has changed so much.

Unknown said...

We include millie in our Christmas cards too...she's the puppy sister so she's always included. Love your cute!

Tricia said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love your dress, and yes that sweet photo of Buddy must be in a frame! I loved my card!! xo

starnes family said...

I love your Christmas card photo. All your photos!