Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

This holiday season has been one of the most fun in recent memory and it's not over yet.
My Christmas vacation started at 3pm on Friday and we kicked it off with a fabulous Tacky Christmas sweater party thrown by our friends Keith and LuLu.

Everything looked perfect and tasted perfect!
 The fantabulous LuLu herself!!
 We made Brad's sweater and I borrowed mine from a friend.
I had big plans to have Shelby in a tacky sweater too, but she was dunzo before we even got there so I bathed her and put her in her pjs.
We stayed the night, so she went to bed before the party ever really started.
Not before identifying everything on the table, playing with Toffey, and enjoying a few snacks.
Then shortly after she went night-night, people started to arrive and the party started.
Cheese for days....
 Cocktails for all!
Many of the sweaters were super creative, like Keith and Lulu's.
 Gotta love LuLu's wearing a thong!
 Neighbor's Bryan and Shannan were looking and feeling festive!
 I recently happen to run into a girl who just moved here from Las Vegas.
Many of you may or may not know, but I moved here from Vegas 12-years ago after working at the NBC station out there.
Well, she worked at the same station, we know all the same people and she's now working as a TV producer at the NBC station here in town!
She's super sweet and we've invited her into our home for Christmas Eve dinner as she has to work instead of going home.
 Still fairly new to town, my cousin Alayna and her husband were there too.
 In fact, Sean tied with another guy at the party for the tackiest sweater!
They decided the winner by drawing a name out of a hat and Jim was it!
He was super excited!!
 Oh, I forgot to mention that Keith made his homemade egg nog!
 Good Times for all!
We are heading out to the Charlotte Motor Speedway tonight to check out the lights and Christmas Village.
Merry Christmas to all!

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starnes family said...

I love all the sweaters. That's a nice assortment!