Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Back on the Holiday Party Circuit....

I love the holidays.
Growing up my Mom always went over and beyond to make things special with decorating, cooking, traditions....
So naturally, me and my brother are both all about Christmas(even though my brother isn't as much since getting divorced).
Years of working in TV news working holidays and weekends, I was never really able to enjoy them like I wanted, but that all changed 9 1/2 years ago when I got into corporate TV.
I was not only able to start having my own holiday get togethers, but also able to ATTEND THEM!! 

Over the last 12-years of living in the Queen City of Charlotte I have made numerous friends so it seems that we get invited to multiple parties.
Last weekend was no different.

Starting with my hiking friend Kelli's annual holiday get together.
She goes all out with the food.
Scallops with bacon, stuffed mushrooms, shrimp, you name it.
 Always a good time!
 My cousin moved to town around Thanksgiving as you might recall and she knows Kelli so they were also in attendance.
Still surreal that she actually lives here!
After Kelli's party we actually made it to my cousin Cindy's party and her family's home.
This was adult only and having hung out with her since I moved to Charlotte, I knew it would be a good time and we would be Ubering home from here.
 I was right!
Whew! I think we got home at 1am!
Thank goodness for grandparents!
 Believe it or not, the next day I had yet another party.
The Charlotte Jr. League Holiday Sustainer/Provisional Holiday Open House.
Sustainer Liz Foster opened her home in Dilworth yet again and it was lovely.
 She's and her husband are quite the collectors.
 The food was amazing.
May of the members of the Sustainer Board made food but the rest of it was catered by the Fig Tree restaurant.
Talk about top notch!
 A great time and I actually ran into one of my business partners at the Bank there.
She's a provisional and was SHOCKED I am a Sustainer.
She's a weirdo about age... Yes, I'm almost 40 and proud!
I just need fillers and Botox!
Merry Christmas!
2-more days until vacation!


starnes family said...

I love your holiday circuit!

And, I love being 40. You will too!

Alayna said...

Wow!!! When do you rest:) loved the pics and we had a blast @ kelli's.