Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Shelby's 2-Year Minnie Mouse Party

I never planned to have a big 2-year old birthday party because let's face it.. they're not going to remember, not to mention, I'm not sure they even get it.
But, Shelby loves Minnie Mouse and I had not one, but 2 friends who recently threw Minnie parties for their daughters and offered to give me all the decorations.
So, I decided to do a party, but only with family and a few close friends.
So, on Saturday, 12/13/14, Shelby's 2nd birthday party happened.
We had it at noon with pizza, ham rolls, chips and a few cocktails and punch.
 I personally think everything turned out lovely for not having to buy any decorations except a roll of ribbon.
I didn't buy a big fancy cake, instead a cupcake cake from Sam's for a whopping $17.20.
It was perfect and most of it didn't get eaten.
Cookies from my numerous cookie exchanges.
Shelby got another wear out of her Halloween costume.
Of course, Miss LuLu was there, because she's basically like an Aunt to Shelbs.
Her cousin Paige and step-cousins Lana and Zarah.
We didn't get an entire group picture, but one of just the ladies with their ears on.
I couldn't really see all the guys wearing ears!
Well, except Daddy!
The one family picture we got that turned out good.
It was a fun day, but didn't go too long because we had a full agenda that evening with holiday parties.
Shelby racked up in the gift department.
And, she wanted Buddy, who was outside on the deck for the party to see everything she received.
Look at her showing him her card.
The favorite gift received was a big overstuffed dog from her Great Aunt and Uncle.
She is obsessed with this!
She wanted Buddy to see it too.
At the end of the party it was time for candles and cake.
She wasn't so sure as to what was going on.
That was, until it was time to eat it!!
It was a great day and I'm so thankful for generous friends that loaned me decorations and gave many too.
I couldn't have done it without them.
Now, next year???
Well, that's when it will really be on.
Pretty sure we'll be taking the party outside our house!!


Allena said...

That turned out great! I absolutely love the pics of her showing Buddy all her gifts. So sweet!!!

Mindy said...

This is amazing...I can't believe you hardly had to buy anything!!! She even got to reuse her Halloween costume?!! I know your husband is as cheap as mine so he must have been super happy about all this too!! :) Great job!!

donna said...

Awww.precious birthday party!!!