Friday, January 31, 2014

Top Chef Shelby

A few weeks back my cousin Cindy who lives here in town and has 2 boys, texted me and asked if we were interested in a free play kitchen with play food for Shelby.
This was shortly after her birthday AND Christmas and our house seriously looked like a Toys R US store.
I immediatley thought, YES, but then thought, oh goodness, Brad is going to blow a gasket if more toys are brought into this house.
Well, he didn't react that way at all.
I went and picked up a few days later and spent an entire night washing everything and wiping it down.
Come to find out, we're the 3rd family to enjoy this little kitchen.
Cindy was given it by her friend Tara, who's girls enjoyed it for years, then her boys, and now Shelbs.
Well, Shelby couldn't be more obsessed with it.
All day, everyday, she is all about playing and making food in her kitchen.
 When I get her home in the afternoons, I barely put her down, and she is running to the kitchen to start playing.
 It's truly the cutest thing ever.
Not to mention, it keeps her occupied more than 2-minutes unlike the other 5,678 toys we have in our house.

It's an older Step 2 kitchen but the microwave and oven make beeping sounds when she pushes the buttons.
She loves that!
She'll look over at us and smile and make the 'ahhhh' sound.
It's her new thing and I think she's going to be all about it for quite some time.
When I picked her up from school the other day I noticed they have half of a play kitchen there and the teacher said that's where she spends most of her day.
Who knows... maybe she'll be a chef one day!
Top Chef Shelby!!!!


Sara said...

She's just so cute!

Alayna said...

those are the best gifts - handed down!!! too cute.

Anonymous said...

This is adorable! :) You two can cook together - she can cook in her kitchen while you cook in yours.

MCW said...

I love that she loves it so much! I think it's so cute when kids get obsessed with toys.

starnes family said...

I love that her kitchen is stainless, too! So cute. Our kids always loved theirs. Good score!

Sara said...

So cute!

Unknown said...

James loves his kitchen, too! Ours is from Ikea because I felt it was more "manly" The best thing about the kitchen is that they will play with it for years - yay for long term toys!

Ashley said...

we got a very small boring kitchen because of our small space and now she LOVES when we go to peoples houses with this big fancy one .