Sunday, January 26, 2014

Party Weekend at My Rents House

Such a fun weekend.
Just Shelby and I went and visited my parents 2 1/2 hours east of Charlotte.

The trip was planned after months of my Mom telling me how she wanted me to meet the other ladies my age in her neighborhood that have children Shelby's age.
So, she organized a get together and we went over.
It was also the birthday party weekend for a family friend's son.

So, it was PARTY!

Shelby and I arrived Friday evening after work and school.
She is all about our shoes these days and we put my UGG boots on her and just laughed and laughed.
She was actually able to walk in them!
 The next morning we woke up and got ready for Santiago's 4th birthday party!
 A few pictures are always in order.

 Shelby is all about carrying a purse around right now.
She kept going into my Mom's closet and getting purses.
 A few seconds with a bow on her head.
She just won't wear them anymore.
Maybe when her hair grows and I can clip one in.
A girl can hope!!
 Then to the party!
We got to meet 3-month old baby Emma!!
Other family friends of ours.
 Shelby wasn't too interested.
Even when I was holding her.
 The party was great and very kid friendly.
Lots of fun snacks and food, and tons of stuff to play with.
 The highlight of the party was a visit from Spiderman!
The kids went bonkers over him!!
He got down and wrestled with them and they were climbing all over him.
One kid was even spanking him!!
It was awesome!!!
 He's with a local company there in town that make visits to kids birthdays.
They also have other characters.

 He also took pictures with all the kids and printed them out there on site and gave each person a copy.
Shelby wasn't into letting Spidey hold her.
 He was even great during the cake presentation.
The birthday boy could have not been happier!
 Shelby had a big time at the party.
She even went on her own and played trucks with all the boys.
 After the birthday party we went back to my parents house and got ready for our Mommy/Baby social.
Apps and drinks.
My Mom scheduled it for 4pm so all the babies would have a couple of good hours left in them.

 Shelby met 10-month Lilliana for the first time.
Her Mom is from Louisiana too!
 They live 2-doors down from my parents and moved to town a few months ago.
The birthday boy joined in on the fun too.
 And, there were 2 other moms and babies but I didn't get pictures of everyone.
 It was a big, long day for Miss Shelby but she had a blast!! 
 Only to wake up this morning not feeling well at all.
Fever, tons of snot and lots of cries.
I let her take a 3-hour nap, eat lunch then we headed home.
She seems to be feeling a bit better.
Let's hope she stays on the up and up!
Fun weekend, can't wait to go back and visit all the other mommy and babies again!!


donna said...

Your mom is hostess with the mostess!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

That was such a great idea your Mom had to have the mommy/baby party. What a sweet lady!

starnes family said...

I want a picture with spiderman.

Shelby's too busy for babies! She's on the move. Love her! And, her Lily dress!

Nikki said...

What a fun weekend! Hope Shelby is feeling better!