Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Learning to Master a Tri-Pod

First and foremost, I have ALWAYS..ALWAYS loved taking pictures.
Long before this blog, I was snapping and scrapbooking my heart away.
To me, this space is my online scrapbook/journal which is why even if no one is reading I will continue to keep it up.
It's easier than printing pictures out, putting them in books and trying to tell a story, all while taking up gobs of room in my house!
That's not saying I still don't do a physical scrapbook every now and then.

Since entering the blog world 5-years ago I have seen and admired the way people do things, especially when it comes to using a tri-pod to capture family pictures and moments.

I almost asked for one for Christmas but forgot about it.
New Years Eve, our bff's Keith and LuLu mentioned they had one that was given to them that they never use and wondered if we wanted it.
Well, HECK yeh!!!

Our beach trip last weekend was my first outing with it.
I will admit, that I didn't even know how to use the timer on my NIKON D3100.
I had to look at the manual to figure it out.
While Shelby was napping one day and Brad was out shopping for golf accessories, I decided to set up the tri-pod for the first time and give it a whirl.

Call me a nerd, but my first ever picture using the timer and tri-pod is of me, myself and I.
And, my second too.
Gosh, I feel like a loser!
When Brad got back I was so excited to show him how I had figured it out all on my own and we proceeded to take a family picture.
The first didn't turn out so well.
But the 2nd isn't so bad.
I had originally thought about trying to take family pictures on the beach but decided I'm going to work on my skills before attempting something like that.
Do any of you have a tri-pod?
If so, can you offer some tips?
I would love them!
Thanks to LuLu and Keith!
I texted them both after this mini-photo session to let them know they gave their tri-pod to someone who truly, TRULY, appreciates it!!!


donatelli98 said...

I have one but have never used it. Just got my cannon at the end of Nov for my birthday and still don't know how to use it. I need to get a bigger lense for sure though.

MCW said...

I love the pics of just you :) If only you were dating online you would have some pics ready to go. Ha. No tripod, I don't even think I have a camera that works.

Tricia said...

Love that always take such cute pics. Our family portrait this year over Thanksgiving was done on Rob's tripod. It was perfect. We wanted to hire a photographer, but it was just so expensive, and Rob has a gorgeous camera and is huge into photography, so it worked out perfect.

Michelle Thompson said...

Have a tripod but have only used it for the camcorder (great for recording school performances of Connor). Wish I used it more. My dad got me a remote for my Nikon. Played with it and got it to work before but never use it. You should get one and use it in combo with your tripod!

donna said...

Yes! Tripod are the best. I always make sure to take a family picture at our events.

starnes family said...

No tripod. Won't even take my camera off auto.

You look skinny, btw! Love that orange sweater on you.

Anonymous said...

Love the family photo of you three :) You have such a beautiful family.

I have a tripod, but don't use it too often. Usually just for long exposures or when I'm doing personal photography projects.

Glad to see you're getting a lot of use out of it :)