Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day 2014

You might be living under a rock if you didn't hear about or experience the snow here in the South this week.
The Atlanta situation is just ridiculous and should go to prove that when in doubt cancel..cancel..cancel.
People may laugh because a flake has not even fell, but you just never know, and that is proof.

Charlotte WAS prepared and they had early dismissal at local schools yesterday BEFORE any precipitation fell.

We got about 2-inches at our house and it was BRRRR cold!!
We all stayed home today due to the roads and we did a whole lot of nothing.

This is as close as Shelby came to playing in the snow.
She's had a runny nose and cough and I just don't see the point in taking her out in 19-degree weather when she's like that.
Plus, Brad left her snow boots at school.

So, today has been a lazy day for the most part.
Except lunch out at the diner up the street.
Despite the weather and road conditions our maids still showed up so we got out of the house to allow them to clean.

 Most of it's melting now but whatever is left is expected to freeze overnight because the temps are set to get down to 11-degrees!!!
Shelby's school is already on a 2-hour delay but she will be going and I plan to head back into the office.
Let's pray for safety on the roads for me and everyone else here in the snow/icy South!!!
 Happy Wednesday!


Sarah O said...

Dee, Shelby is so big! I can't believe it. Enjoy the snowy view.

MCW said...

Love her hat. Hopefully she'll get to play in the snow next year!

Ashley said...

I live under a rock! Ha we get nothing this week as far as snow goes

Anonymous said...

Shelby is getting so big! I'm sure more snow will be on it's way - she'll have her chance it play in it. Hope she is feeling better. Her personalized hat is just adorable :)

starnes family said...

Sweet punkin. I miss sleeping babies in footie pjs in a warm house with snow outside. Magic.