Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy 36th Birthday Bradley

My hubby of nearly 4-years turned the big 3-6 today.
Yes, he's a baby.
I'm 38 and will be 39-years old in August.
So does that make me officially a cougar?

We laugh about that all the time.

We don't make huge deals out of birthdays but we do try and do something nice.
Not going to lie...
Brad's birthday falls at a bad time of the year. Right after Christmas.
I've already bought him what he wanted, his parents or my parents have bought what he wanted or he's received money to buy what he wants.

Giving that I generally give him practical and fun gifts.
This year I forgot to take pictures of his gift opening, but I gave him a Lowe's gift card, a water bottle for work(he asked for that) and the game LCR.

Then, giving that it is so darn cold outside instead of going out we stayed in and I attempted to cook a fancy dinner.

Cajun Shrimp Stroganoff.
Lots of veggies, carbs, and protein, so it was a one hit wonder.
No sides.
  I busted my butt and even left work early to get the dog walked in the frigid weather, get balloons, the table set, all before I picked up Shelby.
My goal was us to have a family dinner, all together before Shelby went to bed at 7pm.
(Brad talking to his parents for his birthday)
 And, I accomplished that!
 We were able to do that.
 And even enjoy Daddy's ice cream birthday cake together!!!
Shelby LOVED IT!
Happy 36th Bradley Scott Stephens!!!!
 Shelby(who appears to be growing a mullet from this picture), LOVED the ice cream cake!
Adorable indeed.
What was even more adorable?
Daddy and daughter snuggling on the couch after dinner.
 Melts my heart.
 Nothing fancy but special, family time at home.
Awesome stuff on a cold frigid January night.
Happy Birthday Brad!!


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Happy Brithday Brad! THat dinner looks amazing

Alayna said...

Brad is such a great dad!

starnes family said...

Been meaning to tell you how awesome I think you are. You put SO much into your family and I think it's fantastic! This is what life is all about......the little and big things and you are passionate about both. Awesome!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

That sounds like a great night to me, and perfect given the chilly temps. Happy birthday Brad!

Mandy said...

For some reason I always remember Brads 30 th birthday, can't believe that was SIX years ago! The dinner looks delish! And that ice cream cake? I could jump through the screen for a bit of that ;)

Rachel said...

Saving that recipe!! Sounds delicious!

Happy birthday Brad!

Sara said...

Happy birthday Brad! That last picture is precious!!

Allena said...

As a kid, it is all about the presents. As an adult, it's just having someone make you feel special and I give you an A+ for that for Brad!! You are a great wife. And Drew 100% has a mullet right now, haha. Brent wants to cut her hair and I told him we just have to deal with it!

MCW said...

Perfect dinner and birthday. I don't think you're a cougar, a puma maybe :) xo

donatelli98 said...

That's awesome Dee - love the snuggling pictures!! Too sweet!

Ashley said...

You are such a good wife!!