Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Scoop

Our weekend was pretty uneventful.
Friday night we went and checked out LuLu and Keith's new house, just as they moved in!!
That means they aren't aren't living next door to us anymore, but at least they're only a couple of miles down the road.
I have been friends with neighbors everywhere I have ever lived but one thing is for sure, the neighbors we have met in our current hood, will be friendships that will last for years and years, no matter where we all end up. 
 After coming home and putting Shelby down, we lounged, watched Dateline NBC and ordered takeout pizza from a new place in our neighborhood.
Saturday morning Shelby and I went and visited with my cousins then came home for a little playtime.
She loves toys that have multiple pieces.
Make me crazy sometimes.
I have learned to just let it go.
We're also learning to let go that our living room is also a play room.
Brad's next project is to make her a toy box for the area.
Saturday night we had a long time friend, Kelly, and her new husband over for a casual dinner.
I made Paula Deen's recipe for Bobby's pimento cheese.
It was a huge hit!
Shelby really took to Jeff and Kelly.
Brad and I were shocked!!!
She tends to have stranger danger especially with men!
Shelby wasn't the only one getting hugs.
Mr. Buddy got a few too, even though he spent most of the day and even night tinkling all over our house.
Not sure what his issue was?!
Sunday we experienced epic weather here!
Shelby and I went back to LuLu and Keith's house to check out the progress they made moving in, then hit up Target.
Then, back home for a long walk with Daddy to enjoy the gorgeous weather.
Shelby is a total riot these days.
On the go, on the move!
She's keeping us busy.
Other than playing in her kitchen, her 2nd favorite thing to do is to get into our kitchen drawers and find bags to carry around.

The black and white polka dot one is my work lunch bag.
She ALWAYS goes for that one first!
Last week she did something with it and I couldn't find it for 4-days!!!
I looked EVERYWHERE!!!!
Then one night, she came around the corner with it on her arm.
No telling where she was hoarding it!!!
As for the Superbowl?
We stayed home despite being invited to 2 parties.
Just too much to try and do with her schedule and it's a work night.
Good thing, because the game was a bore and blowout.
And, that was our weekend!
What did you all do?


Annie said...

Girlfriend will be a shopping machine one day. Brad better get ready!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

That is hilarious about the lunch bag!! And dog "accidents" in the house. I can't stand it. My Chihuahua still has them after trying for 5 yrs to potty train her. No bueno!

MCW said...

That last pic is killing me with her facial expression!

I ran around all weekend,but stayed in and watch a movie and Downtown Abby during the Super Bowl :)

Allena said...

Ours was busy too with birthday parties, working (for me, boo), errands, the norm. :) Brent went to watch the game with some guys and their wives came to our house with all their babies so they could leave after halftime, ha. I love seeing how Drew and Shelby do so much of the same stuff, and I love seeing her sucking her thumb!!

LuLu said...

Thank you for coming over and yes we will a
Ways all be bffs. Love lil Shelby with her bags.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I love the bag lady picture! We didn't do anything for the superbowl either.. in fact we only watched the first quarter and then 3 episodes of Revenge on netflix!

Sara said...

Love the bags! I agree - get ready Brad!! :)

Unknown said...

We have that same red wagon!! James has moved past the bag (and necklace-shhh) stage to being obsessed with his shopping cart. He piles his toys in the buggy and hauls them around the house. We do have a dedicated play room, but somehow there are toys and books in every singe room of the house all day everyday! We were low key for the super bowl, too. Somehow I still managed to stay up way too late though and am paying for it.

Sarah O said...

Looks like Shelby is starting young with her love of bags. You might want to keep an eye on you nice purses later on, she has good taste. I still can't get over her polka dot and princess dress. I want to have a little girl just so she can wear that dress!

Ashley said...

She is so damn cute!! ahhh, kills me.
Since I was working and we were rarely home, my house stayed pretty neat and free of toys all over. There was a space designated to it and since we were only home a short time, clean up was quick and easy. When I was just home on leave- I just had to let it all go. ANika played. She played all day. It took A LOT for me to let go and let the toys be out day after day.