Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Beach Trip

Anytime there's a bank holiday(we are both in banking) that falls on a Friday or Monday, Brad and I are both all about getting out of town.
In November it didn't work out for us to do that when Veteran's Day fell on a Friday so we knew we wanted to do 'something' for the MLK holiday weekend.

We thought about the mountains but realized that there wasn't going to be a lot for us to do with Shelby since she's not old enough to ski.
So, the next best place for us to go would be the beach.

I know Myrtle Beach isn't everyone's cup of tea but we found last Summer that North Myrtle is really great for families.
Lots of activities and the beaches are NOT slammed.
Not to mention, you can find affordable condos to stay.

Staying in a hotel room isn't really conducive to 13-month old's who nap 2x's a day and go to bed at 7pm.

We met a couple last Summer who have the perfect place for us.
2-bedroom, 2-bath oceanfront, first floor!
Thank goodness it was available for rent this weekend.
The weather was super chilly the day we arrived and was blowing wind, but it didn't matter because we could sit inside and admire the view from the living room or bedroom.
Check this out.
The chilly weather didn't stop us for going on a walk though.
We bundled up and headed out.
Believe it or not, this is the first time for both Brad and I to ever take a beach trip in the winter.
Shelby wasn't crazy about the beach when we visited nearly 6-months ago but this time she seemed to really enjoy it, despite the temps!
In fact, she ran straight for the water!!!!!!
It's all we could do to keep her from running in!
We had such fun on our little walk!!!
Afterwards we headed down the street to South Myrtle towards the Sky Wheel.
We didn't ride but enjoyed dinner there on the water at Jimmy Buffet's Landshark bar and restaurant.
The next day we woke up to warmer temps!

Shelby was even able to play inside and outside on the deck!
Then we met some family friends at Marcy Darcy's.
Shelby was pretty good overall eating at restaurants but gosh her appetite waivers!!
Sometimes all she wants to eat is fruit!!
Kenny and Sherry are Brad's parents best friends and they have a place not too far from where we were staying.
They are such fun!
They were even so sweet to get this family shot for us out on the deck.
The weather was in the 60's so we decided to head down to Little River but discovered that a lot of those places are closed until March.
We hung out at Crab Catchers for a little bit then headed back to the condo to watch football.
A short trip but much needed for all of us.
Super relaxing and you can't beat an ocean view no matter what!
Hope you all had a great MLK holiday weekend as well.


donatelli98 said...

The family photo of y'all is awesome! Makes me miss our beach times!!

Allena said...

Looks like so much fun!

Ashley said...

awesome little getaway! So funny Shebly liked the beach when cold over the summer beach :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you all had a fun getaway. You have such a beautiful family - I love the picture you got. Definitely one to frame :)

Hope your doing well!

Sara said...

So fun! I love that pink hat that Shelby wears...cracks me up and she looks so cute in it!
Family pic is awesome!!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in the pic of the 3 of you! I love little weekend getaways.

starnes family said...

Totally dying over that orange stripey tunic! Darling!

MCW said...

I love that pic of the 3 of you. I think it's the best one yet! And the beach in the winter is the best. Can't wait for my parents to redo their beach house so I can use it all the time!

Tricia said...

I think hitting the beach during the off season is the best. It's just as relaxing, and no crowds. Looks like you all had a perfect getaway, and you certainly could have asked for a better condo. Waterfront and adorable decor. Now I'm craving a beach trip. :)