Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!!

Happy New Year!
I'm back to the grind today at work, but at least there's only 2-days left in the week.
I've been off since the 20th so it was weird to hear an alarm go off this morning and have to jump in the shower and get ready.
I'm looking forward to a great year ahead there's alot of adventures to come in the Stephens household!
We rang the new year in with some of our close friends who happen to be our neighbors.
We did a progressive type of night, as much as we could with a 1-year old.
We are the only one with a child but everyone is pretty cool about it as they've been around Shelby since before she was born.
We decided on having actual dinner and dessert at our house so I jumped at the chance to set up a pretty table for the last time before all the Christmas decor comes down.
China - check
Crystal - check
I even went on You Tube to find a new fun way to fold napkins and had all of them looking like Fleur De lis!

Before dinner at our house we went over to Bryan and Shannan's house a few doors down around 5:30pm so Shelby could join in before her bed time.
They made some awesome appetizers that I will be making in the future.
Especially these mushroom pinwheels!

Attempt at a family picture.
Shelby wasn't having it.
Bryan and Shannan.
Festive drinks.
Festive friends.
Shelby got in on some girl talk.
And, into everything else.
She loves to test us these days.

Then, back to our house for dinner.
LuLu and Keith with Shannan.
Keith and LuLu made half the meal and us the other half.
The menu consisted of:
Caesar salad and spaghetti carbon era by Keith.
Chicken cordon bleu by Brad and white chocolate bread pudding by me.

It was all BEYOND delicious!
After dinner we moved on to Keith and Lu's house right next door to ring in the new year.

Our baby monitor works over there so that's the reasoning for the way the night rolled out.
But there was a snafu with Lu and Keith's TV and we couldn't get Rockin Eve in Times Square on, so we quickly moved the party back to our house.
It was a great time ringing in the new year at home and not having to worry with cabs or tabs or any of that.
I was in bed snoozing by 12:45am because I knew the next day would come early.

New Year's day didn't come as early as I would have thought.
Shelby slept until 8:30am!
We got up enjoyed some breakfast then ready for Tiger Game Day!
LSU played against Iowa in the Outback Bowl.
They won, but I was worried towards the end of the 4th quarter.
After the game I headed over to Bryan and Shannan's for New Year's Day dinner.
They do this every year and it's so fun.
Brad stayed home with Shelby and LuLu stayed home because she wasn't feeling well.
They did their pork roast with potatoes and sauerkraut.
It's a traditional Hungarian meal that Bryan grew up enjoying on New Year's day.
Such wonderful friends and neighbors.
No one better to ring in 2014 with!
Hope you all had a fabulous, festive New Years as well.


Mandy said...

Oh my goodness, the food looks so delish!

starnes family said...

Cute families and yall look great dressed up! Love the pic of Shelby in front of the tree. Darling.

LOVE Shelby's LSU dress. Geaux Tigers!

MCW said...

Yum Yum yum! and everything looks greats. Hope Ms Shelbs was in bed before midnight! Happy new Year! xo

Ashley said...

oh my gosh- having neighbors that close is awesome! It all sounds delicious! I love how you guys do those dinners.

Annie said...

This sounds like it was a blast! You guys are very festive!

Keith as your date ha!