Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm blogging from my phone and attempting to do my version of a Friday Five even though I won't be linking up anymore.

Here's 5 things I'm loving right now.
#1. Friends and Wine Tasting
I met up with my friends Katie and Sara last night for a big wine tasting at Arthur's  Wine Shoppe in the basement of Belk at SouthPark Mall. 
It was the Italian Festival tasting. $10 to taste 50 wines!!!
Yes, PLEASE!!!

#2. The US Team making a major comeback to win the America's Cup!!
You might recall that we got to see all the action on our recent trip to San Francisco. 
When we were out there the US Team was 8 to 1! 
In a week and a half they were able to win 9 races to win the whole thing!
Amaze balls!

#3. I cooked 3 nights this week!!
This was my favorite.
Crispy pork chops and roasted butternut squash orzo salad.

#4. Shelby moved to a new class this week. 
We were excited but truly miss her old teacher Miss Jessica.
Shelby is having a hard time adjusting in her new space.
Apparently she's not down with the afternoon teacher. 
The woman is nice as can be. The morning teacher believes its because Miss Hannibal is African American and Shelby hasn't had much exposure.
She's cries and cries when the other teacher leaves the room and its just Miss Hannibal.
It's so bad that a few days this week when I went to pick her up she was back in her old class.
She's going to have to get over it!!! For reals!
#5. Last but not least Shelby ate spaghetti for the first time this week!
For some reason this was super special to me. 
Brad thinks I'm a nut but I wouldn't even let her eat it at school until she had it at home first.
Anyone else like that??
It's the little things I love the most.
That's all I have for today. I'm excited about the LSU vs Georgia game tomorrow afternoon!
I plan to have Shelby wear her LSU cheerleader outfit for the first time!!
Go Tigers!!
Have a great weekend!!


starnes family said...

I'm so nervous about the game tomorrow!

Well done on cooking. Looks delish!

Ashley said...

The US really did come through!
Aww, I hope she adjusts to her new class soon!

Allena said...

Poor Shelbs at daycare!!!

Allena said...

AND...I want the recipe for that meal!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Tough loss last night! I hope Shelby has a better week at day care. We had that problem with B at the Child development center in Monterey. He disliked one of the teachers so much. It is so strange how they react sometimes!

eas said...

Hope it gets better at school. EBS always had a hard time when she transitioned into a new room when she was little. We also had a hardtime letting her go to a new teacher. But now that she is in Kindergarten she has a much easier time with transitions :)

Anni said...

Spag is definitely a "first" to me! I'm with you. Emma Cate had the same problem with her preschool teacher but was great after about a week. Was Arthur's crowded? Last time we went for a tasting there we barely got any wine it was sooo busy.

Sara said...

So much fun!! Date for the Malbec tasting next month?