Thursday, September 5, 2013


Have you ever sat down and actually thought about what makes you happy in life?
I'm not talking material things.
Chocolate, wine, a new dress, or anything of that sorts.

I'm talking about real happiness.
The Webster's Dictionary defines happiness as:
 a : a state of well-being and contentment : joy. b : a pleasurable or satisfying experience. 3. : felicity, aptness
So, I'm talking about A out of the dictionary.

For years, happiness for me was having a successful career in television news, seeing the world, making friends from around the country.
Then after all that was obtained my focus on my new happiness began.

That was to be a wife and mother.
Well, let me tell you what folks it was a long hard road to get there.
Years and years and years and years of dating and bad boyfriends.
Years of fertility treatments.
It finally happened.
 I can honestly say that as I sit here right now I'm the happiest I've ever been at any point in time in my life.

While at the beach I looked at our family of three and felt so complete.
An awesome husband who loves me and is the best partner any girl or mom could EVER ask for.
We have a beautiful, healthy daughter.
A sweet dog who is nice to everyone including his sister.
And, we have our health and faith in God.
On top of the world!
But, isn't it funny how some people just can't be happy for you when you FINALLY reach that point?
People try and burst your bubble.
Well, I vow NOT to let that happen friends!
Brad, Shelby, Buddy and I are a strong, committed family and no matter what we will ignore anyone who tries and break down the level of happiness we have right now.

Just my random thoughts for tonight.
What is your definition of real happiness?


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

You have a beautiful family and I really got a sense of your contentment reading this. I've also noticed since getting engaged that there are those "friends" that just want to rain on your parade when things are going well for you! I don't understand it.

Ashley said...

well boo to those people!
Let people be miserable and you go on with your happiness!
Its funny how the definition has contentment in it...because for the past couple years I often feel content with my life...for the reasons you mentioned as well. There are things that are not where I want them at all (career) but every other aspect is soo good I can almost let that one part slip by for a while and enjoy where I am for a little bit longer.

Unknown said...

Don't let anyone rain on your parade. I have to admit I'm slightly jealous of your state of happiness. I have all the pieces, and know I should be so so happy, but always feel stressed- I'm on that journey!! So glad for you that you're there, and glad you're doing what you need to in order to stay there.

Jo said...

The definition of happiness evolves as we do in our lives. I value my family more than ever before after losing my parents. As a mother I focus daily on making my presence known {in a good way}in my son's life. My friendships have taken on a greater strength and I try to enjoy the simple pleasures!


MCW said...

I think you have the ultimate happiness and it shows! Love that you ar happy and F those who are bringing you down. Xo

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean when you said "but, isn't it funny how some people just can't be happy for you when you FINALLY reach that point? People try and burst your bubble". I'm going through the exact same thing. I've been trying to just ignore those opinions and not let them affect me. It's easier said then done, I know, but just ignore them and focus on what makes you happy :)

donatelli98 said...

So happy for you and your sweet family!!

KW said...

Beautifully written Dee!