Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Family Beach Vacation

You may recall that our original plan for Labor Day weekend was to take the camper down to Myrtle Beach with our friends and neighbors Lu and Keith.
Well, those plans went bust when Lu found out she was going to have to work. :(
So, instead of going down there by ourselves we changed our plans and decided to rent a condo in North Myrtle Beach.

We had a rough week so we decided that it was going to be super nice to vacation just us, as a family of 3.
Not to mention, it was Shelby's first time at the beach!!!!!

So, what did she think??
Not a fan of the ocean.
She has loved just about everything we've exposed her to in her short life.
The lake, boating, but this?
Not so much. 
Just check out this face!!
This was our first day and we didn't get out to the beach until 3pm and she had hardly napped.
We thought that was part of the problem.
 But, not really.
 Day 2: We made sure she was rested and ready.
It wasn't 'as bad', but still not crazy about it.
 Don't think we didn't take pictures!
This is a big moment!
 She was okay with the sand.
 And, cute but not happy.
 Brad is such a good Daddy.
He scooped her up and off they went into the waves!
He said she did her whiny cry the entire time.
 So, back to our beach set up.
She enjoyed a little lunch.
 Then played in a tide pool.
She really loved this!
 She could have sat there all day.
She loved squishing the sand in between her fingers and splashing around.
 Later that day we hit up the pool and spent the rest of the day there until our college football games started.
Sunday we got up and took a long family walk on the beach(which we did everyday) then napped and headed to lunch.
I can't even BEGIN to tell you how good she was on the entire trip!
From the car ride to restaurants to just hanging out in the condo she was so happy!
(and she even had a runny/stuffy nose)
 We went to a place down in Little River, SC that as right on the water.
It was suggested by one of our neighbors on the beach.
 Crab Catchers is a total hidden gem!
If you're in this area you have to go down there.
 Shelby liked it too and even enjoyed her first hushpuppies ever!
She loved them!
 I had been craving crab legs so that's what we went for and they were some of the best I've ever had!
 And, finally it was here that we got our one family photo from the entire weekend!
We had people offer while on the beach but she wasn't real thrilled and when she was she was covered in sand!
(notice Shelby changed. When I go her out of her high chair her tush was totally went. Her sippy cup had leaked!)
 After lunch we went to the pool then headed out to Barefoot Landing where we found a carousel!
 I have been looking forward to taking her on one of these and was so excited!
She was too when we first got on there!!
Check out that face!
 Then the ride started and she wasn't so sure!
 But quickly warmed up to it.
 Such special moments!
I can't tell you how much we enjoyed our very first family beach vacation.
It was so special for it to be just the 3 of us and do whatever we wanted and felt like.
We plan to do it again next year.
These are times and memories that will be treasured forever!

How was your Labor Day weekend??


Allena said...

What a great trip! Does she have a top tooth? It kind of looked like it on the carousel??

starnes family said...

I think the beach is filled with so many stimulants.....too much for babies to enjoy! The photographer I work for begs me to tell people to either sand-train their young children before committing to a beach session or skip it all together. It can go DRASTICALLY wrong if they're not prepared.

PS - please frame that darling bonnet when she grows out of it. It's a Shelby staple!

donatelli98 said...

I was wondering - I think those beach pics are the only ones I have ever seen where she isn't smiling! She still looks adorable though!!

Unknown said...

Adorbs as always!!! Can't believe how big she is getting!

Sara said...

OMG - Shelby and that bonnet. I could just eat her up! She's adorable. And so glad she's a good little traveler. It makes all the difference in the world!! Especially for Mama and Daddy :)

John Robert wasn't a big fan of the sand when he was a baby either. He was just starting to like it when we went to California and he was 15 months at that point!

The carousel pics are darling. Such sweet memories!

Monica said...

Love! I love her little floral swimsuit. Nothing better than baby beach cuddles. Lyla napped on me almost every time we were down at the beach and I didn't mind it one bit!

Jo said...

Her facial expressions give her away! Maybe she just needs time to warm up to the idea of a big beach? Regardless, she is adorable!!!


Leigh Powell Hines said...

I just realized that my feed no longer works for your blog in blogloving so I will have to remember to check it.

I"m glad you had a good time. And I've never heard of that restaurant. Do they have things other than crab legs?

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I just realized that my feed no longer works for your blog in blogloving so I will have to remember to check it.

I"m glad you had a good time. And I've never heard of that restaurant. Do they have things other than crab legs?