Thursday, September 19, 2013

San Francisco Part Four - Marina Yacht Club and Cal Game

 Our original plan was to spend part of Friday in Napa lounging at our friend's country club pool - Meadowood - but we were all partied and wined out and decided to head back to the city.

We stopped in Marin County in the town of Tiburon for breakfast.
The plan was to eat at Sam's Cafe on the water but we were a bit early so we hit up a small cafe instead.
A few pictures on the water and we were off!
Before crossing the Golden Gate back into the city I insisted we stop at the Golden Gate Recreation Area to take pictures.
Everyone sort of grumbled because we were all hungover but in the end everyone was glad we did it.
This would have been the best picture if Brad's eyes would have been open.
We dropped Dean and Kathleen at their hotel downtown and we headed back to our friend's house.
Gosh, what an awesome place they have.
 It's in the Marina literally next door to the Palace of Fine Arts and they even have a backyard living space with a fireplace, bar and kitchen and chickens!
Their daughter Dylan, who is 2 1/2 is the cutest!
Awesome little play room.
Their den.
Kitchen and Dylan's kitchen.
Along with Cali Bear, the dog, who slept with us 2 out of 3 nights.
Dylan's super cute room.
Her first report card from the TuTu school.
Beth and DJ's room complete with rooftop deck where you can see the Palace of Fine Arts and the top of the Golden Gate on a 'non-foggy' day.
Cute or what???
They even have an awesome outdoor living space right in the city complete with chickens.
6 of them!
All whom have names.
Bears galore throughout the house since DJ played for the Cal Bears.
Beth and DJ are members of the St. Francis Yacht Club that's in walking distance of their house.
I've been going to the club for years even before they joined.
Another one my friends got married there in 2001 and it's always such a pretty view.
You can see both Alcatrez and the Golden Gate from there.
Kathleen and friends joined us.
It's all about America's Cup at the Yacht Club right now giving you can see all the action from their deck.
So fun!
Shelby even got a souvenir!
Beth and I have been friends since 1991 when we met at Miss Teen of America.
I was Miss Teen of Arkansas and Beth was Miss Teen of Washington.
For everyone that wants to make fun of pageants can go right ahead but I have one of my best friends because of it.
We were in each others weddings.

Palace of Fine Arts on our way to the Yacht Club.
We met up with the rest of the group that traveled in for the Ohio State vs. Cal game and then called it a night.
The next day was game day!!
We rested and hung out until time to go.
This was our first time to a Cal game in Berkeley.
I was pretty surprised just how much their Greeks party.
The DKE's had their own slip and slide!
Beth's husband, DJ, played for Cal in the 80's and is in their Hall of Fame, so he invited us and all of our Ohio friends to the former player tailgate.
Very well done!
I probably should have worn Cal colors but I get so much crap for that, giving that I'm LSU fan through and through, so I kept myself neutral.
DJ, our host.
Our Ohio friends, Dean and Kathleen, who suggested this entire trip.
We split up from all of our Ohio friends and went with DJ to the Cal Field Club.
Hall of Fame.
Pretty cool.
Just like an NFL club but on the college level.
Food, drinks, bar.
Last but not least DJ's picture in the Hall of Fame!
What a great trip and it was great seeing some of our best friends!
It was jam packed and we were exhausted coming home the next day on our 7:50am flight!
Thanks to Dean and Kathleen for suggesting the trip, Beth and DJ for hostessing us and most of all??????
My parents taking care of Shelby!!!
We were SOOOO glad to get home and see our baby!!!

Now on to new topics!


donatelli98 said...

Everything looked awesome! Perfect trip!!

Ashley said...

OHHH, did they have a teddy bear birthday party you posted about before? What a lovely house and trip! And, he played rugby too I see in that lost photo :)

starnes family said...

Californians love their chickens. So many people here in SoCal have them, too!

Great trip. Enjoyed it!

eas said...

Go Bears! Love the pics by the Golden Gate!

donna said...

D, you look fabulous my dear and that die for! Also, love "grown up" tailgates. The food and drink selections are soooo much better from the college days. Ha!

Sara said...

What a fun trip! So glad y'all got away and had some time to yourselves with good friends!

And I forgot to comment on the 1st day, but it looked so fun too. I would make Trey do the bike ride as well! :)

MCW said...

My sister had chickens,. Wasn't a fan. Much easier and cleaner to go to the store for eggs :) She has a beautiful house!,!

love jenny xoxo said...

looks like a great trip, I bet you couldn't wait to see Shelby!!! I almost named my baby Dylan but I really like it for a girl too!


Anni said...

What a fun trip! I'd love to hear more about your pageant experience! I know nothing about it and don't quiet get how girls go from honey boo boo to miss america! Do you think you'll put Shelby in pageants? I think I got my email reply working now! Woo Hoo!