Monday, September 2, 2013

Going Private and Lately

Hello Everyone!
Everybody is wondering why I'm going private.
Well, I'm not going to get into it on here just take my word for it - it's probably the best thing for a while.
Will it be permanent?
I hope not but you never know.
I know private blogs don't get as much traffic and hits because they're just that.
I have truly enjoyed everything that blogging has brought to my life and find it sad that others judge me for that.
So saying that, this is the way it will be for a few months, weeks, who knows!!??
I'll be sure to let you know if and when I switch back. I just hope that all of you continue to stop in and catch up.

So, because I'm about a week behind on my adventures I'll give you a brief recap.

Shelby and I went out and visited with my first cousin and her husband.
They're really more like my Aunt and Uncle.
Shelby loves Lloyd!
 Shelby enjoyed creeping around Katie's sewing room too.
Cousin Katie was so sweet to hem a few of Shelby's dresses.
Then we were off to do some shoe shopping.
Shelby will be 9-months next week and is SUPER close to full out walking!
Her teachers at school suggested hard sole shoes.
Brad wanted to go to Wal-Mart to buy her first pair but I shot that down and we headed straight to Stride Rite!
The clerk tried to get us to buy lace up shoes but after about 2.5 seconds of her having them on she started untying them.
So, we opted for velcro Mary Jane shoes instead.
So far so good!!
We just got back from the beach today and at one point over the weekend she was standing in the middle of the room by herself with a toy over her head!!!
 We celebrated my 38th birthday last week.
My Mom was sweet enough to come in and visit with us and babysit Shelby so we could go out for dinner. 
Shelby is getting to the point where she's not crazy about bows.
I'm so BUMMED!!!
I'm hoping that changes but we will see.
(First time seeing a balloon)
 We went to dinner at one of our favs.
Tons of food but they always send coupons and we have leftovers! 
 Afterwards we hit up a favorite wine bar of mine and enjoyed a glass of Flora Springs 2011 Cab to prep for our upcoming Napa trip.
One of my good friends from college works here and we love their wine.
If you haven't tried it, you should!
There is so much to tell including an entire post on our first family vacation and beach trip.
Thanks again for continuing to read!!


Unknown said...

Love you! And so glad you didn't stop the blog!!!! I love catching up on it and really look forward to it. Always be just who you are! It's why people who love you do love you!

DSS said...

Boo hiss on people who have negative things to say! So glad you didnt go away. My pool weekends are filled with my blog loves :)

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Hey, it worked. I got in. Thanks for resending. Leigh

Tricia said...

Girl, you are looking super skinny! Thanks for allowing me to continue reading your blog, that I love dearly! I can't believe Shelby is about to walk...look out, she'll be everywhere. :)

Anni said...

Hey Dee! Hope everything is ok! I've had to do the private blog thing before and after a few weeks my issue blew over :). Can't wait to see the beach trip round up!

KW said...

SO not cool to judge you!! GLad you are continuing to blog, can't wait to hear about the beach and how Miss Shelby did in the sand! And Happy (belated) Birthday!!

Allena said...

I can't figure out what in the world there would be to judge you about, but the internet makes people feel all kinds of brave and nasty. :( I think Drew is going to be walking eary too - it's so crazy. And yeah, first shoes do NOT come from Wal-Mart, Brad!!! Love the pics and happy birthday!!

MCW said...

I'm here! And I will remember to check you and Mermaid each night. I hope Shelbs walks soon. Maybe she will take after her Aunt Molly, I walked at 9 months :)

Michelle Thompson said...

Love how you are getting good use out of that bonnet. Seems like most things I invest in end up getting one time use. Big bummer on the bows. Brynn won't really put up with it at all. And I can't stand to see her tearing the bow and tiny rubber band out of her hair. We're never gonna get long pretty hair that way lol.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Shelby is almost nine months! That is so exciting that she is beginning to walk :)

Can't wait to read all about your family vacation!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Walmart? For first shoes? What was hubs thinking! LOL! Love Stride Rite!
The bow thing comes and goes. Lallie is back into bows now and we have to coordinate every school outfit now. We pick them all out Sunday night to go with the bow, shoes, socks, earrings etc. Trust me, there will be a day when you're like "enough with the bows!" But they are are SO darn cute that you totally don't mind! :-) Love seeing sweet Shelby! You look beautiful and happy birthday!

Ashley said...

Happy belated Birthday!!!
And, sorry you had to go private.
My mom googled something the other day and a photo of Anika and I came up on google images!! PUlled from my blog. She does not read my blog, but I was like, oh man. I hate that! ha.

Courtney B said...

I hope you haven't had any creepers or mean comments!!
Mia is totally in the stage where she thinks it's funny to rip her bows off and chew on them or stretch them out or SOMETHING! Silly babes!
And you are looking AMAZING, momma! Seriously. Your hard work is totally paying off!

Sara said...

Mary Janes??? LOVE!!!!! Oh, I need a girl. :)

I love Miss Shelby's smile. Love, love, love it!

donatelli98 said...

So glad you continue to blog - love seeing Shelby grow.

starnes family said...

Laine started pulling bows off around this time, too. Shelby is darling with or without!

Alayna said...

haters gonna hate. chin up:) I'm glad you are you.