Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shelby is 9-months

Shelby turned 9-months old while we were in California.
We were sad to miss such a milestone 'birthday' but she was in great hands with my Mom and Dad.

Getting the monthly pictures is getting harder.
I attempted before I left and was unsuccessful and my parents tried on her actual 'day'.
This was the best they got.
Her bow is way too far back but it is what it is.
At 9-months it's amazing how much she has grown!
She's so close to walking it's not even funny.
She's on the move and has really gotten into playing with all of her toys and is great at entertaining herself.

Her big word right now is 'DA!' but she's also making some 'B' sounds.
According to my speech pathologist friend, Katie, Shelby is off the charts when it comes to her motor skills and everything else.

We're SOOOOO proud and feel so lucky. 
We realize that there are a lot of other parents out there having to deal with developmental delays and/or disabilities.
This past week she got sick for really the first time.
Meaning, when I went to pick her up on Thursday at school they told me she couldn't come back the next day.
It appeared that she had pink eye in BOTH eyes.
I was slammed with work so Brad had to be the one to take the day off and take her to the doctor.
He did SUCH a great job.
She's had a terrible cold for weeks and they finally gave her an antibiotic and eye drops.
This was just after one day of the meds and a ton of rest.
Not too bad.
She seemed to be feeling so much better that I even took her to Festival in the Park with my friend Katie.
It's always crazy crowded but she did good and we even rode the carousel.
I think I had as good of a time as she did!!
BTW.. you might notice she lost her bow.
She's really not into them anymore.
I'm hoping she will grow some hair so I can start using the clips.
The day before Shelby got really sick she had her 9-month well visit.
She is generally really good but not this time and now I think it's because she really was feeling lousy.
This is her reaction when the nurse was simply measuring her!
Baby girl is 20.7 pounds and 28-inches long.
She's wearing 12-months clothes already!
This was before any of the nurses came in.
She was all smiles.
They gave her one of her vaccines and 1/2 of her flu shot.
That flu shot was BRUTAL!!
I dread the other half of it.
When it comes to food and drink Shelby is doing awesome.
She has two teeth on the top and 2 more coming in.
The same with her bottoms.

She's already drinking formula out of a sippy cup.
Doesn't seem to bother her.
She's a master of the cup.
She's standing on her own and pulling up like crazy.
And she's done with pureed foods.
It's all real stuff now and she's a champ when it comes to eating!
She loves veggies and fruits and had eggs for the first time this weekend.
And, she's pretty obsessed with Buddy these days.
I'm not so sure what he truly thinks.
He's pretty taken with her too but check out this video from this weekend!
More life scoop tomorrow I just wanted to get this written down so I don't forget.


MCW said...

I can't believe she is in 12 months already, she looks so tiny to me! I'm sorry about the bows :) I am sure she will keep them on when she gets a bit older!

Mindy said...

I just bought that Lilly Pulitzer dress Shelby is wearing in her 9 month picture! So cute!! Yay for girls!! :)

starnes family said...

Look at your big girl. So darling! Love the picture of you and Shelby on the carousel.

donatelli98 said...

I can't believe how big she is already!!

Courtney B said...

The funny thing is that no one notices when the headband isn't in the right place except for us moms :) ha ha!
Shelby is so cute! It sounds like she and Mia are in the same place for motor skills and I too feel SO blessed!
I wish we could have play dates!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Shelby has an enviable wardrobe! I am in school to be a speech pathologist and just learned why "b" is a common early sound in babies.

Annie said...

She is way too cute! That pumpkin chevron dress...omg!

Allena said...

Trent weighed 20 pounds at 1 year, I just grow tiny kids (but they are monsters when they are born, ha). She is just so cute, I could eat her up. And I love how you commented on her bow being too far back, love that!

eas said...

Her smile is the best and I feel like her looks are changing a bit for some reason. Not sure what it is. Such a cutie.

Tricia said...

9 months already? Seriously, didn't you just come home from the hospital? :) Where has the time gone? BTW - love the blue strapless top/dress you are wearing the pics.

If the shoe FITZ said...

Eggs is the perfect food. You can almost get it anywhere and at any time. When we traveled abroad when Liam was at his pickest times. He ate eggs nearly everyday.

I am super bummed b/c Cormac doesn't seem to like them. I think maybe it's a texture thing for him. Not sure. I keep trying though!