Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Next Big Adventure

As I've mentioned many times here on the blog Brad and I are really working on living in the moment and 'living' it up.
We've had several discussions about trips we want to take, friends we want to visit in 2012, and so forth.
One of the things we talked about a lot in 2011 is trying to plan a ski trip for our second wedding anniversary which falls in February.
A ski trip to Lake Tahoe was our very first trip to take together and was the subject of my very first post on this little blog.
Then, of course..exactly one year later we were married and skiing yet again, post-wedding.
But, this year we thought it would be fun to go with friends.
About a month ago, I texted our friends in San Francisco, Beth and DJ, to see if they might want to meet up in Tahoe for a quick trip.
I didn't hear back until last week when Bethie called and asked us to join them here next month..
 This time next month we'll all be skiing down mountains in Deer Valley and Park City, while every now and then stopping into one of their lodges for a hot toddy.
Not to mention dipping into the heated pool or hot tub at this luxury resort.
 Or, sitting by the fire..
I skied Utah 5-years ago but in the Alta area at Snowbird Resort.
This is Brad's first trip to Utah ever.
We're both excited about exploring Park City with our friends!!
Not to mention, celebrate Valentine's Day and our 2nd Wedding Anniversary all at the same time!
Jealous a bit??
We leave in exactly 28-days!!!
I'm excited just writing about it!!


donatelli98 said...

Extremely jealous!! I am sure you all will have a blast - yeah for living in the moment my friend!!

MCW said...

OMG. Heaven. Jealous.

Megan said...

I am super jealous! You sound like quite the skier! I haven't been skiing enough to really enjoy it. I've only been on one long ski trip. By the end of the trip, I finally got the hang of it and enjoyed it. The other ski trips were just day trips and I didn't have enough time to really get the hang of it therefore didn't enjoy it.

If the shoe FITZ said...

So Fun!
Leaving for Breckenridge tomorrow. Just girls! Can't wait!
But I haven't skiied in 4 years.

KatiePerk said...

So jealous! That is going to be awesome. I will live vicariously through you!! Take lots o' pictures..

I Do Declare said...

Super, super J.

Mandy said...

amazing!! Cannot wait for all of the blogging that will follow the trip!! If eastern europe ever falls into your category of places to visit, just let me know ;) We have a nice guest suite waiting for you! Or if anywhere in Europe falls on your radar, let me know that too. We'll meet you!

Unknown said...

Oh man, so jealous! That sounds like a wonderful vacay! I wish I could pack up and leave for a bit! We prob won't vacay till october, so this has me itching for a weekend trip or something!

xo. Britt
A Southern Bee Diary


starnes family said...

I love Utah. I love Park City. Enjoy!

Ashley said...

That place looks incredible! And those outdoor fireplaces?! The views?! JEALOUS!! Have SO MUCH fun! :)

Monica said...

I don't ski, but that place looks AMAZING! I'd go there just to hang out at the resort! Lucky you!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I'm not jealous of skiing, but am of staying in the hotel. Looks great.

Impulsive Addict said...

WOW! Lucky girl! I've never been to Utah and the last time I skied, I was 13. That resort looks amazing.

Yep, I'm jealous.

Deviled Megs said...

Looks FABulous!!!

Lyns said...

That's awesome! You deserve a special treat. PERFECT!!

The Lenzers said...

count me in!

Sara said...

Awesome!! I've been skiing since I was 3 years old and have never once been to Utah to do it. Have got to get there soon! Looks amazing. Can't wait to see pics.

Unknown said...

I think my husband is going into a depression because we aren't going sking this year. That resort looks AMAZING. we typically go to Colorado, but may just have to go to Utah next year, can't wait to hear and see all about it!