Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Could that football game last night been any worse?
It was like we(LSU)didn't even prepare.
I've read Les Miles post-game comments and his excuses on why he left Jordan Jefferson in as QB and never put Lee in but I'm still confused.
Oh, well.
It's just a game.
There is no question about it though, we got MAULED by Alabama and Nick Saban -- just as this stuffed bunny did.



MCW said...

I watched Downtown Abby instead. From what I have heard about the game I made the right choice!

donatelli98 said...

What a cute picture of innocent sweet little Buddy!! I am sure the rabbit had it coming!

teresa-bug said...

It is so hard when your team plays so well all year long and then blows it in the final game. Have a day or two of mourning!!! Then gear up for next year.

Sara said...

Awww....sweet Buddy.

Most boring BCS Championship game ever.

I Do Declare said...

CUTE post!!! Poor Buddy....now he knows how Smokey (UT's blue tick hound) has felt for years!

Tricia said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping over at B'more Girlie. :) Love to hear from new gals. Last night definitely wasn't fun. My husband is just silent and miserable. Feel so bad for them all. Love your blog. Will definitely follow. So cool you were in Baltimore. Love it!

Unknown said...

Glad I found your blog! Yay for more LSU supporters/fans! Im an LSU grad and am still so sad over last night. Your right, I am just still so confused about it all and wish it was a bit closer of a game. Maybe next year! So glad I am following your blog!

xo. A Southern Bee Diary


Impulsive Addict said...

Look at his sweet eyes! Awww...love it.

Yes, that game was a mess! What happened? I was pulling for LSU. I swear I was!

Megan said...

I am still so sad about this game!!