Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday Night Out

Most of the time Brad and I enjoy cooking at home more than going out to eat but we do manage to get out every now and then and try new restaurants.
Friday night was one of those nights.
Our friends suggested a new place in the Cotswold neighborhood of Charlotte called LeRoy Fox.
For all you locals, it's located in the old Hotel Charlotte space.
But, boy oh boy have they renovated it!!
Hotel Charlotte was old school and a little dark for me.
LeRoy Fox is open and inviting!

They have only been open for a couple of weeks so they're still 'fine tuning' their menu.
What they have so far is great though!
There were eight of us and they made sure we didn't have much of a wait!
Always nice!
What was even better was that the manager AND the owner walked around and talked to patrons asking them how they liked everything so far.
I was telling both of them that I truly believe that one of the keys to a successful 'neighborhood' business is to get to know your customers.
At least, it keeps me coming back if I establish relationships with those working there.
Of course, the service is key.
As is the food.
I ordered salmon but Aaron ordered this shrimp and grits dish that she said was delish!
Brad kept it old school and ordered the chicken fingers.
Overall, great place and we WILL be back!
Check it out yourself by visiting their Yelp page here.
After dinner we headed over to Katie and Josh's place where they are still sorting through all their wedding gifts.
A fun Friday night!
Saturday was a blast too!
Tomorrow details and pictures on our neighborhood progressive dinner.
The guys planned the whole thing and did the cooking!


starnes family said...

I miss eating out. We used to........then we had kids!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Looks like a great night.

MCW said...

Did you try the Bloody Molly???

Impulsive Addict said...

My favorite thing to do is EAT OUT! This diet is cramping my eating.

Monica said...

Those chicken tenders look SO GOOD!

Sara said...

Shrimp and grits??? YUM!!!!