Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sorority Rush

It’s getting to be that time of year.
(insert Better Than Ezra’s song – Time of Year)
It’s not only time for college football to return but also time for recent high school graduates to enter college sorority rush.

It’s days like today that remind me of what all rush involves.

Every few years(and this is one of those years),someone reaches out asking me to write a ‘rec’ – otherwise known as sponsoring someone.
Today was one of those days. 
I got an email from a good friend with a resume and a picture of a super, cute and overachieving girl looking to join a sorority.

FRIEND: ‘Can you write O a rec?’
Delta Gamma is awesome at the school she’s going to this Fall!

ME: Sure! Love to!

It’s then that I have to remember just how to do it. I log on to Delta Gamma’s site and refresh my memory. What I didn’t remember are all the questions they ask about family and colleges and sorority or fraternity affiliations!

How am I suppose to know? I’ve never even met this girl!
Anyway – I just thought I would share because it brought back a lot of memories.
Were you in a sorority?
Do you participate in sponsoring girls?
Oh – in case you’re interested – you can check out some awesome pictures of me when I was a young Dee Gee by clicking here and here and here.

Happy Tuesday!


Girl in Carolina said...

I never rushed but it did always look like so much fun!

I Do Declare said...

I haven't written a rec in years!!! Of course you'll crack up, but I had the same pattern for one of my letters shirts as you are sporting in that flashback photo. TWINS!

Monica said...

I never rushed. A&M was a school that you could go to and not be Greek. My parents and my sister are all Greek, so I know about rush and reference letters. Good times! I can't believe my 10 year college reunion is in September. Where did the time go?

MCW said...

I was in Alpha Phi! All of my best friends (Belle, Rose, Marie, Carrie...)were in my sorority. However, dropped out Senior year due to an unfortunate incident. Haha! I HATED rush.

If the shoe FITZ said...

Easy Dee Zee here!!!!

Allyson and Dave said...

I was a Kappa Delta. Rush confused me. I am still not sure what happened. I rushed at MTSU and then my sophomore year I transfered to UT and graduated from there. I never rejoined KD there. So after 1 year that makes me officially alumni. Works for me! So I never saw the other side of rush. Everyone at UT dropped out by their senior year. It was kind of like they realized they did not need it once they were 21 and could get into bars. Oh the college life...

Ashley said...

I am also a DG :)

teresa-bug said...

I hated Rush (or recruitment as it is called now). KU has a large Greek system with lots of ggrls going through. It was brutal on both sides. I am an AOII.

Jessi said...

DG love!

love jenny xoxo said...

I love the college photos!!! The colleges I went didn't have any sorority houses... I think it was legal or something in Minnesota... weird! But it seemed like it would have been so much fun!!


GeorgiaDixieDoll said...

looks like i'm in the minority here.. but i never saw the allure. the whole "going Greek" thing just seemed to be a way to purchase your friends. it just wasn't for this girl.. i couldn't be happier to be a GDI

Unknown said...

I just got back from an advisors meeting for recruitment. I guess I'm in the minority, but I love recruitment and am the advisor for it for a local chapter here in DC. I am a Phi Mu (along with most of the women in my family), had the most fun with my sisters at UF, and love being involved as an alumnae. Thanks for your awesome flash back pics!

Nikki said...

Oh no, a Dirty Girl huh? ;) One of my highschool friends came back to the dorms once all shaken up because they wanted the girls to shave their pubes into an anchor. Of course they were joking, but she still wanted to cry.

Better than Ezra reminds me of College too!

Deviled Megs said...

I was only ever asked to write a rec once and it was a lot more work than I thought! Not as much as losing my common sense and becoming an advisor for a chapter though. That gives me plenty of "what was I thinking?!?!" moments