Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Fourth Weekend 2011!!

Another July 4th weekend is in the books.
Sad it is over but it is.

As I have mentioned the past few weeks we spent the holiday at my in-laws lake home and my parents came over from Eastern NC for the fun.

As always MIL had the place decked out in Red, White and Blue!
 The new addition on the house looks great.  I will do a post about this soon but want to get all the before and after pictures from MIL first.
 We got up to the lake on Saturday, July 2nd and my parents arrived around dinner time.
 We ate dinner and headed out for a sunset boat ride on the pontoon.
 My Dad and Buddy.  The pooch is always so happy when at the lake.
 My eyes are closed in this picture.  I uploaded so many pictures that I didn't get the right one but I'm not about to start over with blogger at this point.
 Then, the next morning, July 3rd we headed out on the water early to do a little water skiing.
Brad has skied his whole life but hasn't done it in the past couple of years.
He eventually kicked off one ski and slalomed but I didn't get a picture of that.  He said I couldn't post him skiing with two skis but it's all I have.
 Then my MIL gave it a whirl!
I was pretty impressed!!!!
My parents were too!!
 Then the real test came.
I tried to ski once in high school but not since then.
Brad was determined to teach me.
 I tried and tried.
Got up once but fell.
Gave it my best shot 8 or 9 times but got too worn out.
It is my goal to get up before this summer is over.
Yesterday and today I AM SORE!!! BEYOND BELIEF!
My arms, my legs.. my body.
It's confirmed.
I need to start lifting weights again.
 Later on -- more boat rides.
 I adore this picture.
 MIL and FIL went all out with dinner for the 3rd.
They invited neighbors over and FIL smoked baby back ribs.
I'll be talking more about food tomorrow and even have a giveaway to announce as well!
 Smoked chicken was on the menu too.
 Little monkeys were watching over the grill.
 Ready for dinner.
 Then after dinner we headed back on the boat to look for some fireworks.
Sadly, the main ones for High Rock Lake were shot off last night and giving that we all had to work today we didn't stick around for them.
 Instead, we saw just a few that people on the lake were shooting off.
Still pretty but not the big show like we had hoped for.
We got up and headed back out for more skiing.
This time BIL, Jeff, hit the water.
I was pretty impressed with his skiing as well.
 Then we decided to get the kids on the tube for the first time.
Reed was first but got a bit scared so instead his sister decided she 'I ride tube!'.
 No FEAR at all!!
She's not even 3-years old yet.
Cutest thing ever.
No kidding! 
 After seeing his sister praised, Reed decided he would go after all.
We ran the boat faster for him and he loved it as well!
 Then, I decided to ride it too. 
That did not help my soreness. 
Actually, made it worse. 
Literally, I cannot even cross my legs today.
A blast of a holiday weekend!
Thanks to my in-laws for hosting us, as always!

Again, join me tomorrow for a giveaway!

Also, for those of you wondering.
Yes, I did watch the Casey Anthony closing arguments this weekend in between all this fun.
I'm now - like everyone else, waiting for the verdict.
Should be interesting!!

How was your weekend?


DSS said...

What a fabulous weekend! We went to the lake as well, and boy was it "interesting".

LOVE your 4th dress :)

Annie said...

Sounds like yall had a great weekend at the lake! It's great that your parents came to their house too.

Love the blue maxi dress on you!

Brooke said...

Looks like so much fun! My mom is from Western NY and we always skied when we went to visit in the summer. I miss it so much, but not the soreness. Hope you feel better soon. And I third the love for the blue dress :)

GeorgiaDixieDoll said...

how much fun!!! it's CRAZY how much you look like your mother! you 2 are so similar! you could be her twin! wow!

The Jones Family said...

I ADORE that pic of you and Brad in your blue dress. Definate framer!

Looks like a wonderful weekend!

SO anxious for the Casey verdict too.

April of Smidge Of This said...

Dee, I agree with everyone else, that blue dress looks FAB on you! Seriously -- that is beautiful. So glad ya'll had fun on your favorite holiday!

Unknown said...

Looks like a wonderful time on the lake! I haven't skied in years....I bet you are sore!

Lyns said...

So pretty in your blue dress! And way to go on the skiing. We are not too old to learn new tricks!

Coco said...

I'm like you, I have tried and tried and trid to solemn ski but can't. I can do two skis but no matter how hard I try I can't ski on one.
Love the blue dress!!

Monica said...

Looks like a fun weekend. My dad smoked ribs too. YUM. Now we know the verdict. I'm disappointed in the fact that she could be released within a matter of days. Haven't stopped thinking about it all day.

PS Darling pic of you and the hubby in your festive blue dress.

Nikki said...

She got it from her mama ;)

Love yoru blue maxi dress, you look hot!

Dying to hear what you think about today's verdict...

MCW said...

I went tubing as well! However, I was with my friend Joan and we almost broke our legs every time we went over a wave because we would crash onto each others...

Looks like a blast!!!

The Lenzers said...

Looks like a blast and now I am starving! Can't believe P was tubing by herself...pretty impressive. Wonder if I could still get up on skis?

Unknown said...

How much fun!?! Buddy looks like one happy beagle! I love that blue dress, and commend you for all your water activities. Growing up in Florida we used to spend every weekend on the lake-lots of fun memories!!

donatelli98 said...

I am sore just looking at the pictures! Water skiing is hard!! Looks like a great weekend. Love love love your blue maxi dress - where did you get it? Looks fab on you!

I Do Declare said...

You weekend looked so fun! Love Buddy! Love your blue dress. Love your sassy mama and I think it's so great that your in-laws include your parents. If they need another VT alum next year, I can hook you up...hee!

starnes family said...

Water skiing is hard work! Cute 4th of July pics.

Ashley said...

hahahah. I cant get up on one ski anymore but I can drop one and then do it. Last year someone posted a pic of me with 2 skis on FB and I wanted them to replace it with the pic of me on one! haha, So I see where your husband is coming from :) It looks like such a fun weekend.

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

That looks a lot like my 4th weekend! I love your VV top and that pic of you and the man on the boat! Those kiddies are super cute too!

Sara said...

Looks like y'all had a blast! Isn't it funny how water skiing uses muscles that you never thought you had??? I always feel like JELLO after doing it for the first time.

Glad your favorite holiday was a good one! :)