Friday, July 1, 2011

Date Night at the Ball Game and Casey Anthony Update

Brad and I started doing 'date night' a few months back.
Once a week we try to do something new. Whether it be a new restaurant, area of town or event -- we are trying to broaden our horizons.
This week's date night took us to The Charlotte Knights game, our city's minor league baseball team.
We both had been once before but it was a long time ago.
The stadium is only about 5-minutes from our house.
 Last night was a double header against the Durham Bulls and the Knights kicked some butt!!
 These games are very family friendly and cheap.  $8 for a general admission ticket and there are all sorts of things for kids to do, aside from watch the game.
 The weather was gorgeous last night.  In the 80's with no humidity.  Perfect night for a game!
 Another plus is that Thursday is Thirsty Thursday at the stadium which means $1 beers.
I'm not a huge beer fan but can stand for one or two.
Another game is totally on our list for another date night.  Cheap, close by and fun!  Do you do date nights?What do you guys do?

Casey Anthony Update:
Now for my update on my thoughts about the latest in the Casey Anthony Trial.
Drama rama this week with the Anthony family on the stand.  George's testimony broke my heart and I was stunned at how stone faced Casey was.
Stone faced through that but then starts crying when some grief counselor she's never even met starts talking about different scenerios?
As for the Defense - what a joke.
Brad said to me this morning that he thought she has one of the worst attorneys in America working for her.
I agree.
For one -- they didn't prove anything they brought up in their opening statements and secondly, I think the way they set up their case with parading witnesses back and forth on the stand was just crappy.
I'm not a juror but I can't see how they wouldn't think that Baez has badgered George.

As for the Prosecution --I think they've done a great job. 
Ashton is brilliant and so much more experienced than Baez.  That's evident.
I really thought it was funny yesterday when the spectator decided to flip Ashton off in court and got busted and ended up jail.
Will this case wrap by the Fourth of July?
I don't think so.
In case you're not watching today -- right now they're in an indefinite recess as the Defense deposing some of the Prosecution's rebuttal witnesses.
Are you watching?
What do you think?

Have a GREAT Fourth of July!!!


The Jones Family said...

Your date night looked fun and that weather... I'd kill for that right now. It's HOT here in Texas. Nasty hot.

We do date nights and love it. Movies, dinners, concerts, picnics, etc. We too need to try more new things... we are just happy to get away when we can find a sitter.

I can't watch the trial on my computer at the office but I'm reading up on it daily! I was floored too to read up on how cold she was when her dad was on the stand. Lets just say I can't wait to hear what the verdict is.

Nikki said...

What a fun date night. I don't even like baseball but it looks like a beautiful day and not crowded. That's how I like it.

Ugh that trial. I don't know what to think. So sad.

Jo said...

Fun night out! Those are some of the best dates :)

I miss date night ~ hard to have them when your husband is at sea. One of my favorites is wine and music at the local vineyard. Thursday evenings in July they have a band on their massive lawn. We pack a picnic dinner, enjoy their wine, and the great music. Great summer eveing.

Have a Happy 4th of July ~

Monica said...

We live near our minor league field too...Frisco Roughriders. They are fun, but it's too damn hot in TX for us to venture out. LOL!

Casey Anthony...I've listened to every minute of testimony and then a couple of hours worth of recap every night. I 100% agree with you. Baez sickens me. I think he gives Casey conjugal visits for sure. My heart breaks for her family. She definitely has a screw loose. I think the verdict will come back GUILTY, but I doubt she will get the death penalty because her parents will beg for her life and the jury will sympathize with them. Looking forward to sitting in front of the TV ALL DAY on Sunday for closing arguments. Happy 4th weekend!

starnes family said...

I love minor league games! Need to find San Diego's.......thanks for the reminder!

The Lenzers said...

fun date night, cute pic of you! I had to record the closing arguments yesterday while we were at church. Can't wait for the final words today, should be starting any minute actually. Missing the parade for it. loser, i know! I think the defense, while they have sucked so far, did a good closing argument. Almost makes me a bit nervous. wonder how long it will take the jury to decide? Really hope she gets life, but I'm guessing she won't

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

We have the Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball team and the games are so much fun! I love the idea of doing something "new" every week!