Monday, July 11, 2011

We Have A Winner! And..other news

We have a winner for the Tastefully Simple Giveaway!

I put my numbers into the random number generator and tah-dah!
True Random Number Generator 3 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Comment number 3 is the winner, which is Jann from Life with Boys!
Send me your address so I can send you your gift card.

In other news...
Buddy is back home from his week at the lake with my in-laws.
I think he's depressed.
Pooch likes it up there being outside and having people around all the time.
We're gone again this next weekend for a wedding in Richmond, VA but Brad's entire family is going so we'll leave him with our dog sitter.
Brad actually suggested that instead of paying him that we leave him at home by himself for the entire 3-day weekend and have our neighbors come let him out.
That's just mean.
Budster is a people person.
I'm not going to leave him alone for that amount of time.

Also, I exercised so much this past week that I'm having my issue with my hips hurting again.
I've been trying to stretch but I think I'm going to ride the bike tonight instead of walking to give it a break.
Any of you have any problems with this?
I had it happen before and was told it was because I needed new tennis shoes.
Maybe that's the case again?

The weather is miserable hot here right now.
It was nicer being in the mountains where the high was 80-degrees during the day and 60-degrees at night.
The wake-up temp here in Charlotte this morning?
Try 80-degrees and humid.
The heat index is predicted to be 105 today.
Even Brad said this morning that the mountains are looking better and better.
Happy Monday!


donatelli98 said...

We woke up to rain here this morning - a nice change for us!

April of Smidge Of This said...

I know, can you believe that heat index? When I heard that on the radio this morning I wanted to crawl back in bed (in our delightfully cold room).

I so agree about not leaving the pup solo ... we take Drake to Club K9 and he really likes it!

Unknown said...

oh Stay cool!! We always leave Molly with a sitter, well she actually goes to one everyday-ha!

starnes family said...

I hate Jann.

Nikki said...

Don't you dare complain...our high was 69 this weekend ;)

My Hubby took the dogs to the beach for a week and they came back depressed too.

Ashley said...

It was SOO hot here today too. IM sure hotter down there though.
My knee starts to hurt when I run (I havent run since I had the baby), but as soon as I replaced my sneakers (or tennis shoes as you call them :)), my knee would be better, so maybe it works with hips too?

love jenny xoxo said...

my dogs have also been enjoying lots of time outside, and they were so worn out for a while, it was pretty cute! but now that it's been a little while, I'm sure they are getting restless... I'm taking them for a walk today for sure!

That sucks about your hip :( new shoes might help, it's worth a shot. I have a knee that's been bugging me forever and it sucks!