Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gone with the Wind and The Jefferson Hotel

I would have to say that my favorite movie of all time is Gone with the Wind. So Southern of me..right?

I’ll never forget the first time I saw it. I actually, didn’t want to be bothered with sitting for that long but my Mom made me(or we). My best friend Rebekah and I were in the 8th grade and she rented it and made us watch it. I’ll never forget, we were in love.

It was from that day that my love grew for the 1939 classic. I collected my share of Scarlett dolls, plates and have even visited the author Margaret Mitchell’s house in Atlanta and her hometown of Jonesboro, GA.

So, it was a given this weekend that after my MIL told me the staircase used in the movie was in The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond that I would be visiting it as well.

It was only one block from our hotel so Robyn and I strolled down there.
One word for the 100-year old hotel.
Once inside we were pointed to the staircase.
My first reaction – was that the staircase had to have been renovated if these were the original ones.
Then, I stopped a hotel employee and asked if they were really the stairs used to film the movie??
That’s when he said ‘no’ but that they were a replica.
I thought – ‘what a letdown’.

Then, I googled and found out that they are believed to have been the inspiration for the stairs in the movie. BUT.. one site also claims that Cretien Point Plantation in South Louisiana was the inspiration.
Who knows!?
I do believe that the stairs in the movie were built and filmed on a soundstage in Hollywood like a majority of the film.
Despite the fact that they aren't the original stairs, I did find The Jefferson Hotel breathtaking and would suggest on your next visit to Richmond you either stay there or at least visit.
What’s your favorite movie of all time? Have you seen Gone with the Wind?


I Do Declare said...

You should have made Brad go w/ you and yell "Frankly my dear...." hee!!!!

donatelli98 said...

Love the movie!! I didn't watch it until I was in high school ... definitely a favorite of mine.

The Jones Family said...

I need to watch it again, it's been ages, but LOVED it too.

starnes family said...

Totally ashamed to say that I have never seen it!

Monica said...

I'm with Casey. Never seen the movie even though I believe my parents own it. Maybe it's something I should sit down and do.

MCW said...

Have you read the book? 100 times better then the movie!

Nikki said...

I never did have a love for Scarlett O'Hara, but I did like to say "But Miss Scarlett, I don't know nothin' about birthing babies!"

My parents used to let my Sister and I each pick a movie and my Sister would get me to pick GWTW because it was a double movie so we both had to pick it.

April of Smidge Of This said...

Okay ... I admit it -- I do OWN Gone With The Wind, but I have never taken the 4 hours to watch it!

Ashley said...

I bet the hotel was gorgeous, but I can understand the letdown :(
I have seen it YEARS AGO!! I dont think I even remember all of it, so I should watch it again.

DSS said...

It is a beautiful hotel isn't it? I hadn't heard that story about the stairs, but I can only imagine the pout on your face when you saw them. Don't look a bit like the movie. Grrrr....

Funny you should talk movies. I realized over the weekend that I've never seen The Sound of Music OR My Fair Lady. They are on my list now.