Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Potty Training Update

Shelby will be 20-months old in a couple of weeks.
What the WHAT??
At her 18-month doctor well check I was directed to start the potty training process.
It was that week me and my Mom went and picked out a potty, and a little book, and decided to start 'encouraging'.
Shelby's teachers at school have been telling us for weeks that she is ready but I am really taking the approach more of 'awareness'.
Well, she's gotten off to a good start!
The first night she tinkled in the Minnie Mouse potty.
Of course we've been out of town quite a bit and I don't travel with the potty so we haven't been consistent, but when we're home about 3/4's of the time she tinkles in her potty.
Well, last week, while I was working in NYC, I got a text from Brad:
'Shelby woke up with a dry diaper and I got worried that she was sick! Then I went and sat her on the potty and she took a MONSTER pee!'
He including the following photos with his text.
Now the big kicker is...
Even if we get her super use to using the potty, they don't do potty time with them at her school until they turn 2-years old and move to the next class.
I'm sorta like, what's the point of us doing this then??
But, then part of me tells myself that it will make for a smoother transition when it does comes time.
And, holy moly...
We're only 4-months away from her turning 2!!!
Where does time go!??


donatelli98 said...

I say keep up with it. She may get to a point where she tells the teacher she wants to use the real potty at school. Yeah Shelby! Brad cracks me up sending you the potty picture! Lol!

Allena said...

That is absolutely crazy! Drew's class at Montessori school doesn't use diapers and she's gone to the bathroom ONCE on the potty, so I wash 3-4 sets of clothes EVERY day. She can tell us she's gone to the bathroom, but if I put her on her potty, she just immediately gets up. UGH! Go Shelby!!

starnes family said...

Almost 2!!!!! Time flies, girl. Weren't we just at the Del?

Keep it up. It will all transition in together and she'll be the head of the class (as if she won't be anyway).

Oh, and we didn't do the Truman House in KW. Had a hard enough time getting Carter to go to Hemingway with me!

MCW said...

Haven't read in ages. Her on that pot is priceless!