Sunday, July 20, 2014


We had a positively uneventful, boring weekend.
We originally talked about camping, but the weather forecast looked awful and it was.
It has done nothing but rain here this weekend.

The weekend was good for getting some things done around the house though and ready for our trip to the beach come Thursday.
We did a lot of grocery shopping and just 'stuff' shopping.
Shelby spent a lot of time like this over the weekend.
 Brad caught up with an old friend and had a few beers Saturday evening so I took advantage of the girl time and called up my friend Tamera.
Shelby and I went over there and she was so nice to gift Shelby with a few new toys that her children once enjoyed.
This is the favorite so far.
 It is a close tie with this tricycle!
Shelby's first one!
She hasn't quite mastered it yet, her legs are too short.
 This morning we did meet some friends for brunch at one of our favorites here in town, The Cajun Queen.
 We are so excited for Katie and Josh who are expecting baby boy Jack in October!
Last but not least.....
We woke up to find that our neighborhood mailbox was taken out last night by a drunk driver.
Why no one called the police, I don't know.
We know who did it too....
Dude was so wasted at 6:30pm, that he came charging through the hood and took out the mailbox, hit a trash can and kept going with a recycle bin stuck underneath his SUV.

Headed to NYC tomorrow for work!


Annie said...

It was such a blah weekend in Charlotte. Glad you guys had a nice one though. Safe travels!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Hope you have a safe trip to NYC. I just love how you dress Shelby!! She always looks great.

Mandy said...

Drunk driver? So very scary anytime but especially when there are kids around! I'm petrified driving through neighborhoods sober!

donna said...

We had a lazy weekend too. This rainy/cool weather is cramping our summer style!

Allena said...

My parents have that push car and Drew LOVES it! And NYC - yay!

starnes family said...

I love baby boy Jacks! :)

Shelby is turning into a little blondie!