Sunday, August 3, 2014

This Weekend Was...

I know it may seem wild to a lot of you, but we love to be on the GO, especially during the Summer.
This weekend was to my parents 2 1/2 hours from our house.
We left Friday after work and got there around 7:30pm.
Generally Shelby's bedtime.

But, we let her stay up a little bit later after seeing the plethra of toys my parents had at their house.
(their neighbors love to give them hand me downs)
 Buddy reunited with Max.
 We planned our visit around our friend Mandy's visit to her family.
She and her husband live overseas and will soon leave to go back.
She had baby Jack 11-weeks ago and he was such a little sweetie.

Shelby was smitten! No joke.
She did not want to leave this position to sit in her high chair.
We met at a deli in a town 20 minutes away for both parties.
It's a tiny antique store town with literally one restaurant.
 Such a GREAT time.
I just wish the weather had been better and we could have sat outside and let Shelby run.
Even so, we had a great visit and we are planning to go and see them once they move.
 Mandy and Brad are friends from college but more just from their early 20-days in Northern VA.
 After lunch we headed back to my parents and let Shelby nap yet again then more fun at the house because it was STILL raining.

Today my Mom went all out and cooked a killer brunch.
Shelby helped out.
 Along with some playtime with Poppi.
 After brunch we let Shelby 'ride dirty' around the hood in my parents 'fun' car.
 Cross convertible ride off our Summer bucket list.
 And to top the weekend off, Shelby got one last golf cart ride.
While it was raining............................ ugh.
Dreams of sunshine finally came true.
Once we got back to Charlotte!
The rest of our weekend was spent at the pool.
Thank GOD for better weather!!
Wonderful weekend, just wish it lasted longer.


Annie said...

The picture of she and buddy in the chair...she looks SO grown up!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Your parents are so cute, Dee! And yes, y'all are on the go so much. I have to stop my husband b/c of my school otherwise he would have us on the go more too.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

So fun to go visit your parents- I am sure they love it even more

Unknown said...

Kate, you are correct GeGe & Poppi love it when they come to our home. All three of them of course.
Wally Wallace (Poppi)

donna said...

What a great weekend. How awesome are your parents? Best Grandparents to Shelby!

starnes family said...

Love your short hair! Looks like a fun visit. You must go visit them! Always on the go. I think you are one of the only families I know that is on the go like us!

Allena said...

You guys do so much fun stuff! Love all the pictures.