Monday, July 14, 2014

Arkansas Trip Part 1

Shelby and I got back last night from a 4 day visit back to my homeland of Arkansas.
As I mentioned the other day, all of my extended family still lives in Hot Springs, which happens to be a resort town surrounded by beautiful lakes.

I'm happy to report Shelby did good on both flights, but was better on the way home, and even took a snooze!
I'm going to document the trip is 2 separate posts.

The first 2 nights we stayed with Aunt Betty and Uncle Jimmy.
Shelby was anxious to help fill the bird feeder.
After breakfast I talked my parents and my Aunt into going down to the Gulpha Gorge.
This is a park that I grew up going to and I have so many great memories there.
I wanted to take Shelby down there and take a few pictures and have her experience the rushing creek and all the beauty that surrounds the place.
The Gorge has a great campground.
If we lived closer we would totally camp here.
Right near the water, scenic and close to Downtown where there are multiple attractions.
After, we headed home for a nap then cousin Eden made it in from Texas.
Her and Shelby are a year and half apart in age, and I graduated with her Dad(my cousin).
They had a great time together playing dolls.
Later that evening, there was a big family meal and boatloads of cousins and Aunts and Uncles made it over.
Shelby got to see her Aunt Jane again and enjoy he delish strawberry cake.
She also got to play with her cousin Lucky Drew who is only 2 months younger than her.
They were a hoot together!
My Mom and her 3 remaining siblings.
The next day it was all about the pool from the minute everyone woke up.
My cousin Blair and his family made it over.
You can see Bo in the back.
We all lunched poolside.
It was a great day!
Which included Shelby's first time to slide into the pool.
If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that a few months ago that I was asking for prayers for my cousin Blair.
He was in the hospital for 3-months with complications from pneumonia.
So glad he's alive and getting better everyday!
Friday night Shelby and I packed up and went to spend the night with my cousin Kendra and her children.
She recently divorced and just a couple of weeks ago moved into her new house.
Shelby was loving cousin Bentley's new bed!
As were all the rest of the cousins.
These are the children of the cousins I grew up with.
So fun!
Me and my best girl cousins.
We are all one year apart in age, with me being the oldest.
Great first few days!
Tomorrow, details on our day on Lake Quachita with another set of cousins!!

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