Friday, July 18, 2014

Learning Tower

Back in 2009 when I first started blogging I saw a blogger out of Texas post about a 'Learning Tower' for her children.
Kids were not even a thought at the time giving I was not even engaged, but I thought to myself, what a GREAT idea! And, I bookmarked it.
Now that I have a toddler, I had eyed a few towers online, but most of them run about $200.
I sorta put the idea on the backburner.
That is, until Rachel @erchla on Instagram, posted about how her husband made one for less than $25!
I immediatley showed Brad and challenged him to do the same!
Rachel sent us the plans, which can be found here and Brad went to work when we were in Arkansas this past weekend.
You might be asking, what's so cool about a tower like this?
What's the purpose?
Well, basically, since Shelby started crawling and/or walking she wants to be wherever we are.
Most of the time, that's in the kitchen.
Especially, when we get home from work and school.
In the past year I've had to deal with trying to cook dinner with a sobbing toddler grabbing at my leg and begging to either be picked up, or more recently, to help.
This week??
I've put her in the tower and either let her color on the counter next to me, or yesterday I set her up with her own little dishes and toys, to play.
I even put an apron on her yesterday to make her feel like 'Mommy'.
Granted, we have a pretty big kitchen with two big countertops.

Our stove and oven are on the other counter, adjacent to this one, but there's a large area of counter space away from the stove where she can be busy doing her thing.
Maybe it's because it's still new, but last night she was having such a great time, she didn't even want to get out to eat dinner!
So, if you or your husband are handy and you have toddler consider making one of these.
You can adjust depending on the height of your child and as they grow.
Happy Learning Tower!
I know it's been a game changer so far in our house!


Allena said...

Oh my gosh! We need this! I agree with not spending that money, but Drew wants to be held constantly or doing something at counter level. Trent is old enough to stand on a chair to do stuff without me worrying, but Drew definitely not!

Rachel said...

We LOVE ours so much! The novelty still hasn't worn off yet. Total game changer at meal time.

starnes family said...

Coco had one of these and I wish we had! So cool.