Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Off to Arkansas

Tomorrow evening Shelby and I are taking off to visit family in Arkansas for the rest of the week.
This will be my first visit in nearly 2-years and her first visit ever.
All of my extended family lives in Hot Springs and they are over the moon about meeting Miss Shelby.
Our week will consist of playing in Aunt Betty and Uncle Jimmy's pool, playing with dozens of cousins(many around her age), and even a trip up to the old Bates homestead on Lake Quachita at Mountain Harbor Resort.
I granted Brad a haul pass on this trip because to be honest it was going to complicate it.
Round trip tickets into Little Rock were $400 a piece, then by adding him to the mix, we would have had to rent a condo, a car and much more.
Not to mention, he doesn't know my extended family that well and he's better off staying home and resealing our deck, instead of hiring that job out to be done.
(Yeh, we sound like a bunch of cheapos.)
All this means, that I get to fly solo with Shelby!
To say I'm anxious is an understatement.
The 2 times I've flown with her I either had Brad or my Mom.
Because of the cost of airline tickets, my parents have opted to drive and make a 2-week trip out of it by visiting family both in Arkansas and Louisiana.
The good part of all of it, is that my parents are picking us up tomorrow at the airport, and they will have a car seat and everything ready for our visit.
So, wish me luck!
I'm signing off until next week friends!


Mindy said...

Good luck on your trip!!! I'm still wishing we had flown instead of drove!!!

Allena said...

Good luck! You'll do great!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe flight and a fun trip! :)

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Enjoy your vacation!! I know Shelbs will do wonderfully.

Mandy said...

Good luck! Travel with baby petrifies me! I better get over it, huh? We are making our first overnight trek this weekend. Sooo nervous!

Annie said...

Hope all is going well! Enjoy!

starnes family said...

Not cheapos at all. You're smart!

And, you know I love Arkansas!