Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Knepp's Summer Wine Tasting

My cocktail of choice 99% of the time is wine.
The only exception is when tailgating or on the lake, then I drink beer or some sort of 'wine cooler'.

So, when we received an invite from The Knepp's for a Summer Wine Tasting at their house, I immediately, replied YES!
Sarah, a local event planner and blogger, (and jr. league of charlotte friend),had her sommelier pick 'patio' wines, just knowing the weather would be nice.
Well, the weather did not turn out the way they had hoped.
Even so, we indulged inside!
The sommelier was her Uncle Sam who is wine expert at Charlotte's oldest wine shop, Arthur's, in the basement of Belk SouthPark.
It was very cool and fun because he was super knowledgeable.
Very fun night for couples or even girls.

Sarah put together an excellent tapas menu.
Perfect for pairing with different wines.
Again, she had the patio decorated and set for all of us to be out there, but had to improvise inside.
I think it was perfect!
Lots of new friends made and the chance to catch up with older ones.
Thanks to Sarah's Uncle Sam for being so kind to volunteer his time!
I have to admit, I did overindulge and was paying for it the next day.
Note to self.
Don't drink at the party you're at, before, a wine tasting party!
Thanks for the invite Sarah and Adam!
Happy Sipping!!


Mauri said...

Bella Glos is my supreme favorite!

Allena said...

Oh yumm-o!

starnes family said...

I absolutely adore your heavy necklace with the printed dress. I'd never think to do that on my own. Super cute!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the kind write up my friend! Enjoyed having you and Brad there! I'll have my post up tomorrow with some of your pics, thank you!