Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day on Kelleys Island - Day One

It's one of the weekends we look forward to all year long.
Labor Day weekend at Kelleys Island on Lake Erie with our friends at their lovely vacation home.
We didn't go last year because someone had just been born but we were back this year!
I'll spend the next 3-days recapping.
The island is only accessible by plane or ferry - we of course took the ferry in.
We arrived Thursday night and were up early on Friday morning for a bike ride around the island.
 In case you're unfamiliar with the Great Lakes, they're much more like the ocean.
The lakes aren't like the one my in-laws live on where people ride around in pontoons.
 They have real boats here.
Ones you sleep and could live on.
The homes around the island are really something to see.
Some are very historic.
I didn't take a lot of pictures though.
Just bikes in front of them.
 We stopped at the Glacial Grooves on this first day.
Read about them here.
 When we got back to the house we enjoyed a delish lunch then headed out for a boat ride.
This was Mr. Blake's second ride ever!
 It was hotter than expected but he was a trooper!
Just give him a bottle of milk and he's a happy camper!
 Kathleen and I.
We wished we lived closer.
Kathleen's and D's friend Joe joined us by jet-ski.
 We anchored at the N. beach of the island and floated around.
 You know this is what we enjoy doing any day of the week.
 Mr. Blake was done with floating after a while and ready for another bottle.
His Daddy joined him.
Cute or what?
Bottle and bottle.
 After boating the boys took the jet skis out and Kathleen, Blake and I headed to the Kelleys Island Winery.
 The last time I visited here I wasn't impressed with the wine but this time was different.
Their Glacial White was pretty darn good!
We snacked on wine and cheese while we waited for the boys.
 They eventually joined us and we told them it was their night to babysit while Kathleen and I went out.
 We headed over to the Marina area.
 We met up with the Bennett's and hung out on their boat.
Good Times!
We didn't stay out too late as we had a full day in the sun and were tired.
Stay tuned for tomorrow!
We planned a day trip but things turned out a bit different.

In other news..
GEAUX Tigers!  I'm stoked that we beat Oregon.
I'm setting my eyes on another National Championship!


DSS said...

What a fun weekend!! I'm not familiar with the Great Lakes at all, but it looks like the weather where you were was much nicer than it was here.

Saw on FB you were having a dickens of a time getting home :( Hope you are safe and sound now!

starnes family said...

Loved the Oregon game!

What a darling place. And, you're right.....more like the ocean!

Love the bikes. Picture perfect.

I Do Declare said...

This looks SOOOOOOO fun!

Allyson and Dave said...

I love the little striped outfit!! I am impressed with your ability to find wine and cheese everywhere you go!

The Soladay Family said...

How cute are you in your little romper! Love the pic of the bike, and the winery. What kind of people don't love wine!? =)

carolyn said...

Babies on hot days enjoying a bottle of milk....I love it (although it makes me a teeny bit ill!!)

Such a fun visit!

Nikki said...

Boats and beer! I'm jealous.