Monday, September 19, 2011

Catching Up

Taking a week off for vacation puts you behind!
It was the longest extent of time Brad and I have been off since our honeymoon.
If you haven't noticed we're more weekend trip kind of people.
So, getting home has involved a lot of laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, organizing.
Through it all I managed to get most of my Fall decorations up though.

Don't get too excited, I'm not as crafty as most of you ladies but I try.
I only took a few pictures.
 My Mom gave me these baskets when we were at their house.
We are not hosting Thanksgiving this year so I'm not going all out like in years past but I'm using the items I already have.
 While at the beach there was a lot of Tervis Tumbler talk.
I'm going to admit that for some reason I don't have a ton of these like everyone else.
I'm not sure why?
The one I do have is busted.
I was telling my MIL about it and she said they have a lifetime guarantee and that I can send it back and they'll replace it?
 Has anyone else done this?
Let me know.
No worries -- I  bought a new 24oz one at the beach with a top and everything!

 Also new for me is a brand new pair of slippers.
Am I the only one that is weird about walking around the house barefoot?
I always have some sort of shoe on when my feet touch the floor.
I think this comes from when I was a kid.
My Mom wasn't big on us being barefoot.
That's all I have for today.
I'll be catching up on your blogs as soon as I can!


donatelli98 said...

I walk around barefoot all of the time ... habit .... I have been debating purchasing a tervis tumbler - I own none! I put my fall decorations up yesterday too. Love your little chalkboard pumpkin.

I Do Declare said...

My mom is like that, too - now I've started being that way about shoes inside, as well! Stalker twinsies - I was going to write Happy Fall Y'all on my kitchen chalkboard, but Dan wanted the Vols/Hokies schedules instead!

love jenny xoxo said...

super cute! I came across some fall decorations and I thought... is it too soon? I think I'm in denial about summer being over!


Unknown said...

Tervis will replace it. You can call, but if you put it in a box with your return address, they will send another! I have gotten onto my husband for throwing out busted tervis. I have several on shelf waiting for the return. I've had them 8 years.

Ashley said...

hahaha. I got my slippers out this weekend because it got chilly. I WOULD much rather be barefoot...Andrew needs something on his feet like he doesn’t feel the grit on the floor. If I feel any dirt under my bare feet, the vacuum comes out, pronto.

Monica said...

I like your new slippers! I hate it when people where outside shoes on the carpet. I don't know why. I always get mad at Bobby when he keeps his shoes on after we get home. TAKE THEM OFF!! My weird thing is that I always have to sleep in socks.

Annie said...

I sent two tumblers back a couple months ago and all you do is go on their website and fill out the form. Send them back and your new ones arrive a few weeks later!

Impulsive Addict said...

I walk around the house in house shoes for the fact that we live with scorpions. Yeah, they're not very friendly if you step on them. But I will not EVER go out of the house barefoot. I can't stand it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first pic! That is the cutest sign too! HAPPY FALL Y'ALL! Love it!

starnes family said...

Cute fall stuff.

I don't get the tumbler thing, but I know people love them.

No Thanksgiving this year? That's totally your thing!

DSS said...

I think your Fall decor is fantastic! I'm not crafty either, but a few little Fall touches make all the difference :)

You can totally send Tervis Tumblers back, and they will replace them. I've done it for sure. Also, Bed, Bath & Beyond has the tops (slide lids & the ones w/straws) in 3-packs for a great price...if you're looking!

Welcome home!

Allison Soladay said...

I love our Tervis Tumblers! We have a whole set. They don't sweat!

Love your fall decor. =)

The Lenzers said...

we don't wear our shoes inside the house, but I have inside shoes. I hate to bare foot!!!!! Your feet are crazy tan BTW

carolyn said...

absolutely send your tumbler back- they'll fix it right up for you.

(then get ready for your addiction to grow too!)