Thursday, September 22, 2011

Turbo Coming to Town!

Turbo aka Alicia aka Bestie is coming to Charlotte this weekend!
I know...I know..
You're probably wondering what in the heck a 'Turbo' is?
Most people do.
The word 'Turbo' came about during my tenure at LSU.
One of my sorority sisters started calling people 'Turbos' when they were acting dorky or just being goofy.
All of us girls in our group started jokingly calling each others 'turbos' when we felt like it.
It's a funny term that has stuck even 14-years after college.
Alicia was/is the Queen of using the term.
She coined: Turbolicious, Turbonator, Turbomeister, and the list goes on.

Alicia lives in Atlanta and we use to get together a lot but life happened and she got married, I got married, the Recession happened and it's been a while since we've spent a weekend together.
(Aside from my wedding)
So, she called me yesterday and wondered if we were actually going to be in town this weekend since we're gone all the time.
I said YES!
And, she has our address and will be here tomorrow night.

Alicia and I go way back.
We met when pledging Delta Gamma at LSU our freshman year.
But, even after college our friendship grew.
I moved out West and Alicia was one of the only friends that came to visit me wherever I lived.
When visiting Reno we partied our way through Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Napa(that's a story).

Then, when I moved to Vegas she came and stayed for 2-weeks.
That was trouble with a capital T and no, not for Turbo.
We partied in Vegas, NewPort Beach, Palm Springs and Temecula.
The trip from Temecula to Palm Springs is one we still laugh about.
After 'tasting' wines and drinking a bottle of champagne we were told to take the scenic route over the mountain.
One word: WOWZERS!
Here's a picture from that infamous day --- before we hit up 3 or 4 wineries.
Soon after I left Vegas and moved to Charlotte, Alicia moved to Atlanta.
Since my parents were living over there I use to go and visit all the time.
We spent one or more nights tearing up MidTown, BuckHead and more.
Then Alicia met Chris and they got married.
I was honored to be part of their special day.
She was part of my special day too, when Brad and I got married.
Pretty cool when you have friends for 18-years and you're still getting together.
Don't you think?
This weekend I plan on us catching up, drinking wine and watching football(LSU of course) with Alicia.
And, as Brad would say, who knows what else we'll get into?

Do you have any 'old school friends' that you still keep up with?


MCW said...

18 years flew by didn't it??? I feel the same way about so many of my friends. Lucky girls we are!

Annie said...

Oldies are goodies! I love old friends! Yall have fun!

Alayna said...

LOL! I called Adria a turbo the other day, and she asked what they heck I was talkinga about. Have fun this weekend.

donatelli98 said...

Fun times - enjoy!!

Monica said...

Old school friends are the bestest! I still hang out with a small group from high school and we have a blast every time we are together. Something special about those kinds of friendships! Have a GREAT weekend!

I Do Declare said...

Y'all are gonna have so much fun. Love your short hair!

Christa said...

Oh, yes, everybody should have people like that in their lives. Remember my friend Inge from Germany? I met her when I WAS 18 so xx many years ago. Every time I went back to Germany to visit my parents I would notify her and there she was visiting with me like we just had seen each other a week ago. And she even overcame her fear of flying to come to Sarah's wedding. It's special!

starnes family said...

Many. And, you're one of them!

Love Alicia. Always has a smile on her face and so much fun to be around. Such a great girl! Yall have fun.

Jo said...

Have a fabulous weekend catching up ~ friends with history are the best!


Deviled Megs said...

Love this sweet post!! I feel like that about some of my pledge sisters and other sorority pals I have made over the years. Hope you have TOO MUCH fun catching up and enjoying each other's company this weekend!!

The Rand's said...

Sweet post! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

I still hang out with my besties from 9th grade! 2 of them are my girls Godmothers. Love friendships that last a lifetime!!

The Lenzers said...

love those kind of friends