Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day on Kelleys - Day Three

Our final day on Kelleys Island was low-key and that was great for both Brad and I.
We woke up to find baby Blake and Mama decked out in West Virginia gear in anticipation of the game against Marshall later in the day.
Kathleen's family is from WV and they are HUGE Mountaineer fans.
 We enjoyed a nice lunch at home then took a golf cart ride around the island and ended up at the winery again.
 The winery was a perfect place for all of us because it was very kid friendly and baby Blake could crawl around and explore.
They even had a playground and horseshoe pits for older kids.
 Nice and relaxing.
D's Mom, Grandma Roberta, joined us on that Sunday as well.
 Afterwards we headed home to cook up a little dinner.
By this point, it was raining.
 Kathleen made this yummy salad!
Mozzarella, tomatoes, guacamole, basil and a little Italian dressing. 
Perfect! I might even make this tonight!
 Corn, along with steaks and salmon, of which I didn't take pictures of.
 Later on we ventured out for 'ice cream', leaving Blake home with Grandma, and ran into this young girl(whom D and Kathleen knew), who showed us her hula-hoop skills.
 All four of us, minus Brad, wanted to show off our skills too!
D was first.
 Kathleen was second(and the best in my opinion).
 I was third.
I really was a good hula-hooper back in the day but I've lost my touch.
Bums me out.
 After that we grabbed our last beer for the weekend.
 Talk about being bummed to leave......
Here's our sad faces.
Such a great weekend and it was sad to leave despite all of us being totally tired.
We're now planning our winter trip together.
The talk is that we will meet halfway at The Greenbrier!

Thanks for sticking with me the past three days!
I was planning on attending Fashion Night Out tonight but I have too much to do.
We're leaving tomorrow for a week and I need to pack!
Beach Time!
More tomorrow!


MCW said...

I used to be a pretty good hula-hooper too! Last time I tried I was on a bar in the West Village. ha. Yayee for Beach Week!

starnes family said...

I used to be good, too. Why does that go away with our childhood?!

Unknown said...

ok i AM making that salad tonight - can not wait! - i never thought to add avacodo - but hello YUM!

looks like day 3 was just as fun as 1 and 2 - LOVE IT!

*kiss kiss*
Erika~Tiptoe Butterfly~

donatelli98 said...

Fun times - Chatty won two hula hoop contests the other week at Boys and Girls Club ... I was shocked!

I Do Declare said...

I've been wanting to go to the Greenbrier, too! LivingSocial does great packages sometimes - keep yoru eyes open for one!

Ashley said...

FUN. at least you gave the hula hoop a try! AND, That tomato salad- I have been eating something like that for the past 2 weeks! I cut up tomatoes from the garden (big ones) and add fresh basil, avocado, onions, balsamic vinegar and a little EVOO :) DELISH!!

Sara said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! Sad that y'all didn't make it to Put-in-bay. Next year!

I tried hula-hooping not too long ago and I think I pulled a muscle. Talk about depressing!

Have fun at the beach! We just had that salad the other night. A friend brought it over. So yummy. She added corn to hers though.

The Rand's said...

You always go to such fun places! Have fun at the beach!

The Lenzers said...

looks like yall had a great time! I can't hulla hoop anymore either! wonder what it is, seems like adult hips would help?