Friday, September 9, 2011

I've lost my Exercise Buddy

I’ve lost my walking/exercise bud.
My beagle Buddy.
Remember when the pooch hurt his neck and we were having to carry him all over the house?
Well, since then he doesn’t do well on our big 2 or 3mile power walks.
He cries when we get home as he goes up the stairs.
The past couple of months I felt he would get better and be up for the walks he always use to love, but he has not.
I’m sad.
For the past 6-years Buddy has walked and hiked many miles with me.

 My partner in crime.
My best friend.
He always made me proud.
Swimming through streams, hiking up mountains, climbing rocks.

 In the past year I stopped taking him on big hiking trips because it is hard to find hotels that take dogs. Not to mention that he made the hikes harder especially when it was wet.
He would nearly pull me down the mountain!

Around town we would power walk the 'Booty Loop' stopping at the canine water bowls in front of houses.
Now it’s no more.
Buddy will still get ‘strolls’ around the neighborhood but no more ‘real’ exercise.
Now it’s just me and my IPOD.
Oh wells.
TGIF peeps!


I Do Declare said...

Ahh, Buddy! I LOVE the picture of you dragging with through the creek.

Girl in Carolina said...

Awww what a sweet face!! He is so cute. Bless his heart!

donatelli98 said...

So sad ... Oftentimes when I am running I keep thinking I need a buddy with me!

Unknown said...

Ohhh, Buddy. Molly the beagle is getting up there, and had to get a new knee this summer, it's hard when our best friends get older. At least we have LOTS of love to give them as they enjoy their golden years.

MCW said...

TGIF!!!! So sorry about Buddy :( My parents dog is the same way know too. Have a great weekend! xo

Monica said...

Awww. Poor Buddy. At least he has great memories.

Nikki said...

Poor buddy! Is it his back? I'll be sad when mine can't hike anymore also, they love it so much! Although Issy can barely walk right now so it might be sooner than later.

Have a lovely weekend Dee!

Ashley said...

aww, poor Buddy!