Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Week and New Routines!

It's a new week and I'm excited because I've added a few new things into my routine.
One of them is something I heard about a few months ago. 
Making an affirmation list.
Do any of you do this and/or have done it?
It's basically a list of positive thoughts that you repeat to yourself on a daily basis.
Read about it here.
I started today and have written my list on index cards that I am going to keep in my purse and at my desk to look at throughout the day.
Not to sound corny, but just writing them down made me feel more positive!
For being POSITIVE!
The other big addition to my weekly routine is strength training!
I've been on a 2-year hiatus on lifting weights but started back yesterday.
Our gym, Planet Fitness, has circuit training.
It's a full body work-out in 30-minutes done by rotating weight machines when signaled by a stoplight on the wall.
In between you use these steps that you see above to keep your heart rate up.
This is my first try with circuit training so I'm interested to see the results!
I'm a big walker, so this is just an addition to my regular exercise routine.

I just feel better and stronger when I exercise more.
I'm hoping this helps create a better Dee as well!

Have you added anything new to your routine latley to help you feel better mentally and physically?


MCW said...

I have been weight training in Body Pump and Boot Camp classes for the last 2 months and I love it. I just feel so much more put together! And I swear my ass is a tiny bit perkier :)

mrs.mfc said...

Those both sound like great things to be doing!! I used to do strength training and it did wonders for my body!!

...and YAY for MCW's perkier ass!! :)

If the shoe FITZ said...

I just started working out again. I go on hiatus and then start back up and it's really hard!

Been running twice now...doesn't sound like much but it's huge for me!

Monica said...

I totally need to get back into the gym. Working out makes you just feel so good.

Lyns said...

I am pretty good at doing cardio but also really need to kick-start the weights.

Your affirmation thing reminded me, Jan B. gave me some "keys to success" before I left. I think she got them at Bliss, and I keep them on my desk. They are metal keys printed with these words: LAUGHTER, DREAMS, COURAGE, WISDOM. Kind of cheesy, but so true!

donatelli98 said...

Good for you!! I've been thinking about you a lot lately!! I am bound and determined to get into better shape - no more excuses!

I Do Declare said...

I've never written daily affirmations, but I did use to write down 5 things every day for which I was grateful {yes - Oprah-inspired!}. That sounds like a really good practice, though!

Ashley said...

I used to do that circuit training at a planet fitness when I lived in the city. Now, I Just to power tone classes and do what they tell me :) I try to get in 2 of those a week and then cardio the other days. I had affirmations when I was pregnant-actually a cd of them and I would listen to them in the car or when I went to bed. They sounded corny but I think they helped me!