Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Weekend Was..

My weekend was a good one.
Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments last week.

We chose to go up to the lake house for the weekend.
A little rest, relaxation and time with friends.

So, here's the rundown of what our weekend was:

Time with our awesome doggy - Buddy.
 A trip to a flea market we've been driving by for years.  It reopened this weekend after a big fire.
It was what I expected.
A bunch of junk.
They did have UGG boots for $50 though.
The guy said they were returns.
In fact, he had several pairs of them.
I almost bought them but Brad made me skeptical on whether they were real or not.
 Our weekend was also full of yummy food including summer deer sausage straight from Louisiana!
 And...fresh corn.
 And..ranch burgers.
All prepared by the best hubby ever and our friend Josh, in the rain. HA!
 Our weekend was also full of a lot of boat riding.
 And.. watching Buddy lick people after they got out of the water.
 Always a good time.

The next big adventure I'm trying to plan is another mountain camping trip with a tubing excursion. 
It's been years since I tubed!

How was your weekend?!


Dee said...

Your weekend looks so relaxing. My hubby and I helped some friends pack and load a huge truck all weekend, they're moving back to LA! We're both so exhausted lol. Love the pics.

Nikki said...

Buddy on the boat never fails to make me smile. Deer sausage sounds amazing and you look beautiful in your hat and bikini, per usual (is it okay to mention sausage and you pretty you look in the same sentence?)

I see Brad has an ove glove, my nephew used to be so scared of the one my Dad has.

Yes I'm drinking wine right now and oversharing...

The Lenzers said...

mine? not near as good as yours!!

MCW said...

Thinking of you! xoxo

I Do Declare said...

Buddy is such a good lake dog!!!! I'm glad y'all had a good time!

Monica said...

That sausage & cheese looks YUM. WIsh I had a plate of that in front of me right now.

Love Buddy. Glad he enjoys his time on the boat too!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

LOVE sausage and cheese! Yummy!