Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Get Original Folks

Way before I started blogging and working in Corporate America, I produced this little show.
Some of you in Charlotte might be surprised to know that I was one of the lead producers who actually helped create this show.
I bring this up because today's post reminds me of a topic that I would have pitched to the crew for a 'topic' of the night.

The topic being:
Movie and TV Remakes - YAY or NAY?

It seems to be a big trend right now.
The most recent being that they're remaking the 1987 classic, Dirty Dancing.
Yes, it's true, and I think it's ridiculous.
This is one of the best movies of all time and I can't believe they're going to taint the original with a remake.
 There's also word that TNT is getting ready to remake/bring back, the 1980's hit show Dallas.
What's even crazier about this one?
Larry Hagman(JR), Linda Gray(Sue Ellen) and Patrick Duffy(Bobby), are all coming back and will appear in this new series.
 And...I've noticed that there's already a movie trailer in circulation for the remake of the classic movie Footloose.
It doesn't look nearly as good as the original.
 It's real simple.
Are you YAY or NAY on remakes?
You can probably figure out my stance by now.
Comment Away!


I Do Declare said...

Because the orginal cast is coming back for Dallas, and the storyline (from what I've read) picks up with the new generaation, I'm up for that! However, my 2 high school friends and I were JUST discussing the Dirty Dancing remake this weekend. We're boycotting it! No one puts Baby in the corner...AGAIN! HAAAA!

donatelli98 said...

For the most part Nay ... hadn't heard about all of these remakes.

Monica said...

Nay. Although I will probably watch them all out of curiosity. I do think it's huge disrespect to Swayze though.

The Lenzers said...

NAY!!!!!!! if it ain't broke don't fix it.....didn't anyone watch the new 90210? way, way, way dumber than the first! as far as movies go, if you want to replay the origianl on the big screen-i will go see it, but don't redo it

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I would usually say nay but I have never seen Dirty Dancing (I know, blasphemy!!) or Footloose so maybe it will kick me into gear to watch them.

Cute blog :)

Dee said...

Nay, the remakes are never as good as the original!

starnes family said...

I'm actually excited to see Footloose. Maybe b/c I'm nostalgic for the old one. I think it looks less than miserable. Time will tell.

I can't see being successful with a Dirty Dancing remake. It's just too good as is.

Nikki said...

I'm nay...but I'm still seeing footloose ;)

Blairadise said...

Nay for sure! Footloose and Dirty Dancing favs of mine and can never be replaced. There is no way either of these new films will be able to match the feelings these two films stirred inside me.

Lyns said...

I'm pro on Dallas since they can use so many of the original cast members...it's more like a sequel than a remake.

I read a Q&A with Larry Hagman in the NY Times magazine on Sunday. Did not realize what a wild man he was -- he is pretty open about drug use.


Summer Athena said...

nay on these for sure. you cannot redo footloose. okay?

kendall k. said...

NAY!!! I think they should come up with some new ideas and leave the 80's classics alone! It will ruin the sentimentality that we all feel with a good 80's film.

Mrs. Potts said...

I'm looking forward to Dallas & Charlie's Angels. :)

Aren't most TV series pretty similar anyway? Who doesn't love the drama that Dallas used to bring?